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The finishing touches are everything, including your outfits. Matching your suit with your tie and shirt are key to creating a well-put-together ensemble.

As big and tall men, we understand the importance of making impressions. Often the first ones noticed in a room, the way we dress can influence the relationships we’re about to foster. (Read: get a raise, get a second date, ask for a favour, land a deal, etc.)


“Dressing well is a form of good manners.”
- Tom Ford -

Paying attention to a few minor details can make a big difference to your overall social interactions. You deserve to be seen in the best way possible!

Here are five tips to coordinate your suits with your ties and shirts.

Matching Colour Combinations

We like starting with the suit and shirt first. This makes the process easier, instead of trying to match three things all at the same time. It’s like getting asked what you want for dinner while you’re lost in a new part of town.

Dark suits, especially navy and grey, are the easiest to match - they pair with a multitude of shirts and tie-colour combinations. They are low-risk and no-brainers on the suit scale.

If you’re looking to pair other colours on the spectrum, look at contrasting colours. A sure bet suit rule is:

One of our favourite combinations is with the summer khaki suit. This breathable, lightweight suit is best paired with a white shirt and dark tie - we like navy or chambray. The tie will be prominent in your look as it will draw attention but not take up so much real estate to be distracting.

Keep each colour fresh. Matching colours should be prohibited unless it’s a black tie event. But at that point, you should know that this is formal and not to get crazy with your wardrobe.

Matching Patterns

Considering the colour rule above, let’s take a look at patterns.

We’ve been seeing more pattern on pattern pairings lately. There is a fine-line between love and hate - getting the right pattern combo also teeters this line.

To execute this look well, play with the geometry by using different patterns. The next time you put on your favourite checked shirt, try a polka-dot tie, as this contrasts the former.

Avoid pairing large patterns with other large patterns. If the shirt you’re wearing features large stripes, choose a tie with small stripes.

And if all this pattern on pattern talk makes you want to take a cold shower, just stick with a patterned tie that’s complemented by a solid colour shirt and suit.

Matching Tie Proportions

Once a mercenary’s garment, the tie has become a central theme to any man’s coming of age story. But what’s the deal with the widths?

Can big and tall guys wear skinny ties? How wide is too wide? Do wide ties make side eyes?

When it comes to the width of your tie, it’s really up to you but we urge that you take a long hard look in the mirror with your full ensemble. As men with wider proportions, skinny ties will be dwarfed.

Opt for an average-sized 3-3.5 inch wide tie (for a slimmer look) or one that’s slightly wider.

But don’t go so thick that you look like this guy. That is a handkerchief pretending to be a tie.

Finding Your Combination

With all the materials and styles out there, it’s easy to get lost in all your options. Finding the right one will depend on the season, occasion, and your personal style.

To find out what works  for you, it’s always best to try on a couple. Feel free to swing by one of our locations across Canada.

For over 50 years, George Richards has been helping Big and Tall Canadians find the most comfortable menswear. Without compromising style, you’ll look great and feel confident.

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