How Do You Keep Your Pants Up?

Few things frustrate people more than having to pull their pants up every few hundred metres as they walk down the road. For sizable gents, finding big and tall clothing that's just the right fit can be a struggle, which makes keeping those jeans up even more of a challenge. Finding a specialized shop like George Richards could be the answer to set you free. 

Choose the Perfect Fit 

While wearing a belt or suspenders is ideal for dress or suit pants, when it comes to jeans, larger men need to pay special attention to sizing. Most bigger guys still have hips that are significantly smaller than their waists, so exact measurements are a must. A pair that digs in or leaves marks on the skin is too small, and if you can get more than two fingers in between your body and the waistband, they're too big.

Go For Elastic Waist Bands Where Possible

With casual wear, an elasticated waistband can be the ultimate way to stay comfortable and keep those pants up. Whether a big and tall man is looking for jogging pants, sweat pants or chinos, George Richards has a pair that feels and looks great. With an elastic band around the waist, men can exercise, go to the shops or meet friends for a coffee without the need to wear a belt or feel self-conscious about pulling their pants up every few minutes.

Wear a Belt

Not only do belts offer the ideal solution for keeping your smart pants up, but they're also a great accessory in their own right. Matching a belt to a pair of shoes or a briefcase shows a high level of fashion savvy and is likely to impress friends and family alike. If a larger gent finds himself in a stitch and needs to make a belt for his jeans, he can use a piece of string or cord and tie it in a loop at the front. Some people favour a smart-casual look and opt for a formal belt with their jeans.

Buy Stretch Jeans

Some jeans are made from a mixture of denim and elastic, giving big and tall men the option to wear trendy jeans without the need for a belt. This type of material is perfect for summer, and the pants are lighter and more breathable than 100% denim jeans. An additional benefit is all the extra movement afforded by the stretchy material, which is especially useful for people who are looking after their knees. Denim is one of the most restrictive materials you can wear, so if you work in an active job or like to stay active, stretch jeans or chinos from George Richards could be the ideal solution for you.

Suspenders are On-Trend

If you like to stand out from the crowd while retaining a sense of classiness, try using suspenders to keep your trousers up. As part of a suit, they look traditional and can be hidden under your jacket if you're not so keen on the aesthetic.

They come in three different styles; X, Y, and H — each with their own individual charm. Depending on your shape, you can find out which style will help to keep your pants up most efficiently. There's a trend among young men to wear suspenders with their jeans or less formal trousers, so if you're into the alternative look, this accessory could finish off your latest look.

So, when looking for large men's clothing, look no further than George Richards. They have a vast range of styles, top name brands, and accessories to make sure you look sharp and feel confident on any occasion.

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