Introduction to Men's Shorts

Summer brings a new wave of fashion, particularly in men’s shorts. This season's trends blend style, comfort, and functionality, offering a variety of shorts styles in a wide range of colours and fabrics. From classic denim to lightweight linen, each pair of shorts serves a different purpose, whether it’s for an outdoor adventure or a smart casual gathering.

Overview of Summer Trends in Men’s Shorts

This year's lineup of shorts showcases a blend of athletic shorts, everyday shorts, and smart casual options. Brands are focusing on versatile garments that pair easily with button-down shirts or casual tees. The perfect pair of shorts balances fashion with men's health, offering both style and comfort.

The Essential Men’s Shorts for Summer

Athletic Shorts

Athletic shorts are designed specifically for workouts, focusing on breathability and a secure fit to facilitate ease of movement. These shorts often come in technical fabrics that wick away moisture, making them ideal for vigorous exercise.

Swim Shorts

Swim shorts are a summer essential, perfect for beach or poolside activities. They come in a variety of lengths and patterns, with some designs catering specifically to the big and tall. Durability and quick-drying features are key.

Casual Everyday Shorts

Everyday shorts, often made from cotton or linen, are the quintessential choice for daily wear during warm summer days. Their versatility allows them to be dressed up or down, making them a staple in any wardrobe.

Dress Shorts

Dress shorts are suited for semi-formal occasions, offering a smart casual look. Typically paired with button-down shirts or polos, they bridge the gap between casual comfort and a more polished appearance.

Elevate Your Summer Wardrobe with Our Men's Shorts

Discover the Perfect Fit in Big & Tall Shorts

Choosing the Right Swim Shorts for Men

  1. Fit for Comfort: Prioritize swim shorts that offer a comfortable fit, especially for the big and tall. Look for adjustable waistbands for a customizable fit.
  2. Fabric Quality: Select swim shorts made from quick-drying, durable fabrics, suitable for frequent use in water activities.
  3. Style and Patterns: Choose from a variety of styles, from classic solids to trendy patterns, that align with personal preferences.
  4. Functionality Features: Opt for swim shorts with practical features like pockets for convenience.

Big and Tall Shorts: A Style Guide

  1. Choose the Right Fabric: Opt for breathable materials like linen for summer days and durable fabrics like denim for longevity. Activewear materials are great for flexibility and comfort.
  2. Fit is Key: Ensure a great fit by selecting shorts with adjustable waistbands or stretchable fabrics, offering both comfort and a flattering look.
  3. Style Selection: Consider a variety of styles – athletic shorts for active days, everyday cotton shorts for casual wear, and tailored options for a more polished look.
  4. Consider the Occasion: Match the shorts with the setting – gym shorts for workouts, casual styles for day-to-day wear, and dressier options for semi-formal events.

Remember, the right pair of shorts can elevate your style while ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Top Picks: Men's Swim Shorts for Style and Comfort

George Richards excels in offering a diverse range of shorts and swimwear, meticulously tailored for the big and tall man. Their collection is a testament to the blend of stylish designs and comfortable fits, featuring everything from casual denim shorts to high-performance exercise shorts. In a variety of colours and contemporary styles, these pieces ensure that every man can find his perfect pair, whether for a laidback beach day or a sporty outdoor adventure. The lineup includes favorites like:

This selection showcases our commitment to catering to a wide range of tastes and needs in the big and tall category.

How to Pair Men's Shorts with Summer Tops

Summer style in men's fashion offers a wide selection of shorts, ranging from classic to oversized styles, catering to different shorts style preferences. For a laidback style, pair lightweight, easy-going shorts with loose-fitting T-shirts. On beach days, opt for vibrant swim shorts to make a statement. The selection of shorts extends to gym shorts for athletic appeal. Consider accessorizing with jewelry or watches to enhance the overall summer look.

Accessorizing Your Summer Shorts Outfit

Accessories are key to elevating men's summer outfits. A range of styles from simple leather bracelets to elegant watches can complement your ensemble. Whether you're going for a laidback beach style or a more polished look, the right accessories can make a significant difference. Pair your shorts with statement pieces to reflect your personal style.

Fashionable Choices of Shorts for Big and Tall Men


Bench offers a lifestyle-driven approach to men's fashion, perfectly blending the demands of an urban environment with the practicality needed for an active lifestyle. Their range of shorts is often sporty, infused with a modern aesthetic that transitions smoothly from cityscapes to nature trails.


Britches stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of classic menswear. Their shorts collection often features robust materials and traditional cuts, providing a reliable option for those who value longevity and time-tested style in their wardrobe.


With roots deeply planted in the streetwear scene, Fubu brings an edge to the big and tall shorts market. Their pieces are characterized by bold designs and a relaxed fit that speak to the brand's heritage in hip-hop culture and urban fashion.

Hechter Paris

Hechter Paris infuses shorts with the quintessential French touch of elegance. Their garments often exhibit a balance between casual comfort and the polished allure of Parisian chic, suitable for those who favor a more refined everyday look.

NXT Nortek

NXT Nortek offers a youthful burst of energy with its range of shorts, featuring bright prints and a beach-ready vibe. Their designs cater to those looking to make a statement on the sand or at a summer festival.

Projek Raw

Projek Raw is for the man who dares to be different. Their shorts are the epitome of cutting-edge style, with unconventional designs that challenge the norms and embody a spirit of rebellious creativity.

Repp Tech

Repp Tech focuses on marrying technology with trends. Their shorts are tailored for the man in motion, incorporating advanced fabrics that enhance performance whether you're at the gym or on the go.

George Richards: Your Go-To Place for Men's Shorts this Season