How to Rock a Vest Casually

Vests have been a large part of men's fashion for decades. Like all things in fashion, trends are cyclical. In fact, according to some fashion publications, men's vests are making a resurgence in 2020. The only difference this time? The vests are making their mark as a standalone piece. While vests have always paired nicely with suits, we at George Richards can teach you how to rock one casually. 

The Perfect Fit

First, as is the case with all clothing, you need to find the right fit for your body. In fashion and style, you must prioritize fit above all else. Make sure the length of the vest reaches your belt line. Also, choose a vest with enough length to remain at your beltline even when you're moving around.
Next, ensure that you pair your casual vest ensemble with a well-fitted shirt. A shirt that is too large or loose will cause the fabric to billow out of the vest. As a result, you'll have a sloppy, unmanicured look. Alternatively, a shirt that's too tight will have you looking and feeling uncomfortable. If it feels like the buttons might pop when you move, it's a sign the shirt is way too small for you.

Think About Shirt Styles

Pay attention to the type of shirt you're pairing your vest with. When you're wearing a vest, be sure to leave the last button unfastened — the same way you would for a suit jacket. Without a suit jacket, please be aware that your vest and shirt will share center stage. Thus, it’s imperative that you choose the right one.
We recommend styling the vest with more casual button-down shirts like Oxfords and chambrays. This further reinforces the outfit’s casual disposition as opposed to a stiffer, more reserved look.
Pay keen attention to how your vest and shirt’s patterns and colours interact with one another. Any clashing could mess up the congruence of the outfit. Typically, if you're going to have a bolder colour or pattern, it should only be on one of the items. For example, combine a floral-patterned shirt with a dark, subtle vest with a tonal shirt (black, white, gray). Avoid putting patterns on patterns as a general rule of thumb.
Lastly, nothing says uber-casual like pairing your vest ensemble with your favourite jeans. Wearing your vest with jeans is what we refer to as a high-low combination. This is when you blend formal wear with casual pieces. It's a great look if pulled off correctly. For example, we recommend opting for a darker wash of denim if you want to try this out. Darker fabrics are always considered a little dressier.
Bonus tip: Make sure your jeans are tapered at the leg. As we previously mentioned, an entire outfit can fall apart when items just don’t fit right.

The Perfect Accessories

Finish your outfit off with some accessories. We have some suggested swaps to help "casualize" your outfit:
  • If you feel it aligns with your style, try wearing some bracelets over a watch. Or, throw on some rings.
  • Wear a tan belt versus a black or brown leather belt.
  • Try some suede loafers rather than your dress shoes.

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