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Dress Pants


Shop the ultimate collection of big and tall dress pants for a perfect fit and style

Step into a world where size is just a number, and style knows no bounds. At George Richards, we offer a comprehensive collection of men's plus size dress pants that cater to big and tall sizes, bringing you comfort, quality, and an array of options for any occasion.

Find the right fit in men's dress pants with George Richards today!

Select from a wide range of fabrics and colours: unveiling our big and tall dress pants

George Richards gives you the power of choice with an extensive range of styles and fabrics. Whether you desire breathable cotton pants or premium Italian fabrics, we offer a multitude of colours, including the timeless black dress pants and versatile navy trousers.

Plus-size black dress pants

Black dress pants are a universal staple for any formal event. We bring you an array of styles, from straight leg to skinny dress pants, all designed with a hint of stretch for that extra comfort.

Plus-size blue dress pants

Our blue dress pants offer an elegant yet modern appeal, designed with breathable fabrics. Pair these trousers with a variety of shirt colours and designs for an effortless look for any occasion.

Plus-size grey dress pants

Grey dress pants offer a versatile option that can easily transition from day to night, or from work to a more formal event. Our range includes various styles, from straight leg to skinny dress pants, each designed with a hint of stretch for maximum comfort.

Men’s big and tall casual styles

Not every pair of pants needs to be formal. George Richards offers a relaxed pant collection perfect for everyday wear or unusual activities. Opt for our wide leg pants or pull-on style pants for an effortlessly casual look.

Fit matters: discovering your personal style

Our collection of men’s plus size dress pants features a range of fitting styles to suit your personal style. From modern fit options to relaxed pant styles, we ensure you get the best fit pants for utmost comfort. Many of our trousers come with a hint of stretch and flexible waistbands to offer extra comfort.

Plus size dress pants Canada - Shop at George Richards

Dress pants' perfect partner: Formal and casual socks

Amplify the elegance of your dress pants with our curated range of socks. Whether stepping into a boardroom or a casual gathering, choose from our versatile sock selection that seamlessly pairs with any footwear, ensuring your look is consistently refined from head to toe.

Tailored to your style: finding your fit

Fit is not just a size but a way to express your personal style. At George Richards, you will find size pants that range from skinny dress pants to more relaxed fit dress pants. Whether you are looking for something snug or a bit more roomy, we have got you covered.

Comfort meets style: dress pants with a hint of stretch

Nothing hampers a long day at the office like uncomfortable clothing. That's why many of our dress pants come with a hint of stretch. Enjoy the freedom to move without sacrificing style.

Versatility is key: meet our versatile dress pants

Our collection includes versatile dress pants that are perfect for a day at the office or a night on the town. These are trousers that offer the comfort of casual styles with the elegance of formal pants.

Explore our diverse collection of dress pants

Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary styles our collection of dress pants offers something for every aesthetic and occasion.

More about men’s big & tall dress pants

What are the most popular styles of big & tall dress pants?

Big and tall dress pants come in a variety of styles to cater to different preferences and occasions. 

  1. Dress pants are ideal for formal events, with options like the classic flat front design offering a clean and polished appearance. 
  2. For a more relaxed look, casual pants are a great choice, providing both comfort and style. 
  3. Pleated pants add a touch of sophistication. George Richards, known for its quality, offers a range of tall suit pants to choose from, ensuring you'll find the style that suits your needs.

What factors should I consider when purchasing big & tall dress pants?

When purchasing big and tall dress pants, consider factors like comfort, fit, and price. Look for stretch fabrics that offer flexibility and ease of movement. Waist pants with adjustable features ensure a snug fit. It's essential to choose pants that complement your body type and provide all-day comfort. 

Additionally, check for a range of colour options to match with your shirt and coat, ensuring a well-coordinated ensemble.

Are there any popular brands known for big & tall dress pants?

Calvin Klein dress pants

Calvin Klein offers a range of dress pants suitable for different occasions. They have classic and modern styles to choose from, ensuring a comfortable and polished look.

Daniel Hechter dress pants

Daniel Hechter emphasizes European elegance and craftsmanship in their dress pants. They focus on tailored fits and high-quality fabrics, offering a collection that blends comfort and style.

Signature Carrington dress pants

Signature Carrington specializes in timeless style and comfort. They prioritize classic designs and durable materials to ensure long-lasting quality in their dress pants.

What are the advantages of choosing big & tall dress pants made from stretch fabrics?

Big and tall dress pants made from stretch fabrics offer several advantages. These materials provide a comfortable fit while allowing for easy movement, making them perfect for long events or busy workdays. Stretch fabrics also help maintain the pants' shape and reduce wrinkles, ensuring you look polished throughout the day. Whether you're attending a formal event or spending hours at the office, opting for dress pants with stretch fabric can enhance both style and comfort.