Formal Big and Tall Clothing Guide

Dressing up always requires a bit more care than dressing down for certain occasions. Nobody knows this better than big and tall men, though.

There’s just more to take into account, right? More measurements, more “rules” to abide by, and less options than one would think.

We get it. Luckily there are some tips that can get any guy searching for formal big and tall clothing through the experience with little pain.

If It Fits, You May Pass Go

Nothing matters in clothing more than fit. This goes for men and women of all shapes and sizes and walks of life, but particularly for big and tall men. Our size makes us a little more self-conscious than others and a poor fit can keep us distracted all day.

And there are bad fits you may not even be aware of. Sagging cloth, bulges and wrinkles add shape to your frame where you don’t need or want it. Big and tall men may think larger clothing hides their figure, but that’s not the idea. You want clothes to compliment your frame.

Whatever suit you wear should lay comfortably on your body. Not too tight. Not too loose. This is where getting a tailor you can trust is key.

Lapels are your Big Friends

Wide lapels on a suit serve two important purposes. First, they can help hide larger chests. And they tend to draw the eye up to your face. It’s like a big funnel that makes you look slimmer.

Pay attention to the shoulders, though. Bigger guys may be attracted to the Neapolitan shoulder style that slopes down, but square shoulders are preferable.

The Tall Dilemma

Finding suits for tall guys is often a journey. The arms can be too short. The shoulders too high. Fabric too tight.

And currently? The fits may run too slim, making tall guys look lankier than they are. The solution there is to find a double-breasted suit jacket to block-up your frame and make your chest look broader. That’s if you’re on the lean side of tall, however. If you run more tall and stocky then opt for baggy-ish suit pants and a two-button suit jacket that leaves you more room to be flexible and breathe.

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