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Dive into Men's Swimwear

Summertime calls for a seamless blend of style and function, and our swimwear collection delivers just that. Our range includes popular swim trunks and board shorts, catering to every beach and poolside preference. From the latest trends in swimwear to the classic swim trunk look, our assortment encompasses an array of prints and solid colours. 

Trends Making Waves in Men's Swimwear

Our swimwear embraces the season's trends with a splash of style, featuring swim shorts in fun prints and classic swim fabrics. The perfect pair of swim trunks awaits, boasting stretch materials for water sports and waistbands designed for the ideal fit. With prices that reflect the quality of our brands, we provide options that are as budget-friendly as they are fashionable.

Printed Swim Shorts

Explore our vibrant swim shorts with unique prints, ideal for a day of beach frolic or casual beach lounging. Our products are designed to meet the demands of a range of activities – from a swim to a stroll at your favourite beach club.

Solid Swim Shorts

Our solid colour swim shorts offer a timeless, classic swim trunk look that transitions effortlessly from beach to boat. Designed with practicality in mind, these swimsuits feature pockets for convenience and come in various inseam lengths to suit your style.

Refresh Your Swimwear Style

Selecting Superior Swim Shorts for Every Build 

In the pursuit of aquatic enjoyment, prioritize comfort and fit with swim shorts designed for the big and tall. Seek out adjustable waistbands for a tailored fit, and materials like quick-drying polyester for sustained use in and out of the water. Dive into a variety of styles, whether you prefer bright colours, charming prints, or classic swimming trunks, and find a swimsuit that resonates with your personal style. Ensure functionality with features like pockets, perfect for stowing away your favourite travel products during beach activities.

The Big & Tall Swimwear Style Compass

When selecting swimwear, consider the fabric carefully — breathable materials for those sun-soaked beach days or durable, quick-dry options for the active swimmer. The perfect inseam length can make a fantastic swimsuit great, offering both coverage and comfort. From cargo styles for a utilitarian edge to select styles that mirror contemporary trends, our swimwear caters to both everyday leisure and the demands of active swimwear.

The right swimwear not only boosts your style but guarantees comfort for all-day wear.

Prime Selections: Big and Tall Swimwear Tailored for Style and Ease

George Richards showcases a collection where style meets practicality, offering everything from popular swim trunks to beach shorts designed for the full spectrum of beach days and water activities. With a focus on providing a comfortable swimsuit at an affordable price, the range features selections in bright and charming colours, ensuring your swimwear is as much a statement piece as it is a staple of your summer wardrobe.

Discover your new favourite swimsuits within our inclusive range, built to accommodate every preference and size:

Swimwear Care Tips

  1. Rinse Immediately: To maintain the vibrant colours of your swimwear, rinse it in cold water soon after use to remove harmful elements like chlorine and salt.
  2. Hand Wash: Gently hand washing your swimwear preserves its high-quality materials, ensuring they remain intact for summer activities.
  3. Avoid Soaking: Short washes prevent damage to the durable materials, keeping your swimwear's colours bright and structure intact.
  4. Dry Naturally: Air drying away from direct sunlight preserves the fabric's integrity and colour, maintaining your swimwear's moment in style.
  5. Rotate Swimwear: By alternating between a handful of styles, you provide each with optimum comfort and longevity.
  6. Avoid Rough Surfaces: This practice helps maintain the swimwear’s unparalleled comfort and appearance, avoiding wear and tear.
  7. Skip the Washing Machine: Hand washing ensures the ultimate comfort and fit of your swimwear, as machines can be harsh on delicate fabrics.
  8. No Bleach or Ironing: Protects the swimwear's colour and material, ensuring it remains a staple of your personal style.
  9. Store Properly: Keeping swimwear in a cool, dry place ensures it's ready for your next summer adventure.
  10. Follow Label Instructions: Adhering to these ensures your swimwear, regardless of style or material, remains vibrant and comfortable for all your summer activities.

Fashion Meets Function in Big & Tall Swimwear

At George Richards, we proudly curate a selection of swimwear from renowned brands, each piece thoughtfully chosen to cater to the Big & Tall man. Our focus is on merging fashion with function, ensuring that every swimsuit we offer not only meets the latest style trends but also delivers the comfort and practicality essential for our customers. From versatile prints to classic designs, our swimwear provides adjustable features and durable fabrics, ensuring a perfect fit and lasting wear for all body types. This dedication means our customers can confidently enjoy their swimwear, knowing it's both fashionable and perfectly suited for their needs.

Explore Swimwear Brands Available at George Richards

NXT Nortek 

NXT Nortek crafts swimwear that's as ready for adventure as you are, offering big and tall sizes in swim trunks that cater to a man's need for a combination of robust construction and style for his aquatic pursuits.

Projek Raw 

Projek Raw is synonymous with swimwear that brings a touch of avant-garde to the beach. Their swim trunks are designed for the fashion-forward, big and tall man who's not afraid to stand out while enjoying the sun, sand, and surf.

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