What Should a Big & Tall Man Wear To The Gym?

It’s easy to overthink what to wear to the gym. Are the basketball shorts I’ve owned for years okay, or do I need to upgrade to the latest athletic clothing tech? What does athletic clothing tech even mean? All this fretting can eventually lead to you not going to the gym at all. We’ve been there. And we get it! 
There’s good news for big and tall men wanting to head to the gym, and it’s buried in a little secret: the only thing you need to factor into your gym outfit is comfort. Whether or not you’re currently thrilled with the way you look, you might be surprised to discover just how judgment-free the gym is. Everyone there is working hard to improve themselves, whether it’s weight, strength or simply relieving stress.
So forget style as you suit up for your own self-improvement journey. If you are in the mood for some new things to wear as you exercise, we can point you in a few directions.


Whoever invented hoodies loved the world and wanted to give humanity a warm, cozy hug. A lot of guys aren’t very comfortable exercising in a t-shirt. If that’s you, then hoodies could come in handy, whether they’re long-sleeved or the best of both worlds: a short-sleeved hooded top. The extra space between your fabric and skin will let your body breathe, sweat and feel good as you exercise, while keeping cool as your body heats up.

Motion is the Name of the Shorts Game

Whatever you wear down below the waist should let you move around easily. That can mean shorts, sure!  Fleece shorts might even feel more comfortable for some big and tall men than the more traditional basketball-style shorts. If you don’t like working out in shorts, you can absolutely wear sweatpants to the gym or out on your walk or run if that’s more your speed.

Let Your Shirts Breathe

Shirts you wear while exercising should follow the same rule as your bottoms: primed for motion and breathability. Check the tags of the shirts you buy for working out: if they’re sweat-wicking and polyester, you’re in business. These kinds of shirts absorb your sweat as you move around, so you won’t feel your shirt sticking to you and restricting your movement. That would quickly ruin your comfort mood.

Shoes for Every Reason

You generally can’t go wrong with a good pair of tennis shoes, no matter the activity. But some activities will require different kinds of footwear. Running or walking means you’ll need running shoes. Weight training is best with shoes that offer arch and ankle support. Hiking might require trail shoes. But every foot is different, and you may already have a pair of shoes that keep you feeling comfortable for any activity. Just as comfort is the theme of big and tall gym clothes, it’s the first rule of footwear. If your feet get sore because of your shoes, it could derail the whole experience. Experiment, find what works for you and run with it. So to speak.
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