What Should a Big & Tall Man Wear To The Gym?

It’s easy to overthink what activewear to wear to the gym: 

Are the basketball shorts I’ve owned for years okay?

Do I need to upgrade to the latest athletic clothing tech?

What does athletic clothing tech even mean? 

All this fretting can lead to not going to the gym at all, opting for the predictability of the couch and Netflix. We’ve all been there before!

But there’s good news, big and tall men! If you're heading to the gym, the only thing you need is comfort.

Comfort in the way you look and feel - before, during, and after your workout session.

If you’re in the market for new activewear, we’re here to help you get one-step closer to the squat rack.


A lot of guys like working out in sleeves. This helps to warm up your body, get your heart rate going, and get a good sweat in. 

For increased focus, throw on your hood for tunnel vision. You’ll be in your own world, blocking out any distractions.

Look for hoodies made of performance materials. They help wick moisture away from your body and prevent pooling in sweat. And if you need more breathability, opt for a short-sleeved or sleeveless version.

Active Shorts / Workout Pants

Whatever you wear below the waist should allow for easy movement. Motion is the name of the game!

The go-to athletic bottoms for most men are a pair of breathable and maneuverable shorts. With a wide range of materials to help you stay cool while sinking a lay-up, the options are limitless.

Fleece shorts are like their big brother, the sweatpant. Some men prefer the soft comfort of cotton fleece over basketball mesh shorts.

Look for a breathable weave like terry, as thicker cottons tend to be stuffy and hot.

If you prefer wearing pants, the same rules apply: unrestricted and breathable.

Workout Shirts

The t-shirts you wear while exercising should follow the same rule as your bottoms. They're primed for motion and breathability.

Check the tags of your workout shirts - if they say “moisture-wicking” and/or “quick-drying”, you’re in business. These kinds of shirts pull the sweat away from your body for it to evaporate.

This prevents the uncomfortable “shirt sticking to skin” feeling when it’s the last few clicks on the treadmill. It’s hard enough doing cardio without your shirt slowing you down. And yes, we all hate cardio.

Getting to the Gym

We’ve got to commend you for taking the first step in the right direction. Physical fitness is key to supporting a healthy lifestyle, and boosting your energy and self-confidence.

A lack of movement can lead to increased rates of diabetes, obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

Whatever activewear you choose, your most important asset is health - both physical and mental.

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