Keeping Your Workout When Winter Blows In

We’ve all felt the temptation. The winter rolls in, along with the frigid winds, snow, and ice, and we tell ourselves it’s a good excuse to cut back on our trips to the gym. It’s Mother Nature. It’s out of our hands!
This winter let everyone else make those excuses. Instead, get ahead of the game with some layering tips to keep you warm and moving at the gym or outside this winter. 


Whether it’s pants or tops, you want to keep that sweat from ruining your comfort-level. Athletic shirts for big and tall guys with moisture-wicking pull double-duty by absorbing sweat and keeping you warm.
Fit is, as always, the most important quality in clothes for big and tall men. A too-tight shirt can ruin workouts quickly, so make sure your shirt fits comfortably, too. It should stretch and move as you do during workouts.
Pants, like these from Point Zero, help to maximize mobility and warmth in your quest to be as comfortable as possible during your workout.


George Richards has a wide selection of fleece activewear pants and hoodies for good reason: fleece is the middle-layer of your workout outfit, but can make or break the whole thing.
A pair of fleece pants or a fleece shirt aren’t enough to keep you warm by themselves, but pair them with the base layer we just talked about and you might be set to go until spring. Everyone loves sweatpants for a reason!
We’re particularly fans of Projek Raw’s terry fleece jogger pants; they absorb heat and sweat and their colour blocking will make you stand out in a great way at the gym.

Shell Out

A solid outer layer is all you need to branch out from the gym and hit up some hiking or bike trails this winter.
Of course, keep in mind that the more layers you put on, the less mobile you become. The first two layers we’ve talked about are light enough to move around in, but the outer layer can negate all of that if it’s too bulky.
So take your time trying to find the right fit for you. Wool-lined jackets can provide the same warmth as a big parka without the bulk, and a full-zip hooded jacket like this one from Nortek can keep the bulk where you need the warmth most without restricting you too much.
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