The Best Apparel for Big & Tall Men

Shopping for apparel in big and tall fashion isn’t just about style. A lot of that is personal taste, and big and tall men generally know the rules to big and tall men’s fashion:

  • No horizontal stripes on large guys, no vertical stripes on tall guys
  • No huge, flashy prints
  • Patterns that break up your figure neatly

You get the idea. But the best apparel for big and tall men is mostly about form and function and fit. With that in mind, here are the best and worst ways to adhere to that philosophy. 

The Best

Obviously, the best clothes a big and tall men can wear are the kinds that accentuate his frame rather than highlight or obscure it. The latter might be the way many big and tall men gravitate towards out of self-consciousness, but the truth is complimenting your size actually slims you down a bit. It’s all about comfort and confidence that comes from it.

That’s why blazers and suit jackets are go-to winners for big and tall men. When was the last time you saw a big or tall man wearing a nice blazer over a sweater in the fall and not looking good? Right. Exactly. You haven’t. It’s a neat, simple look that just looks comfortable and classic.

Simpler pants are also a good track for big and tall men. Cargo shorts and jeans can add unnecessary bulk, and some even look baggy when they aren’t advertised as such. That’s why big and tall men rarely go wrong with a pair of chinos or flat-front dress pants. They’re smooth, tapered and rest lightly on your body for a good feel.

The Worst

Now, there is a risk in going too soft in feel. That sweater we mentioned before can look great, but many sweaters or hoodies or long-sleeve tops can come in too baggy or bulgy for big and tall men. Make sure to try them on first and move around in them to make sure they stay neat and smooth.

Smooth is the first thing you think of when you think of athletic tops or shorts, but that’s not a great thing. If tall or big men are wearing athletic wear outside of a gym they tend to leave you looking more formless than fit.

Loose fits are generally the things big and tall men should avoid. Instead of covering up your perceived extra bulk or height they can tend to draw attention to it. The extra fabric can bunch up in places you don’t want, and you’ll find yourself adjusting your clothing all day nervously. There’s a sweet spot to fit and you should always try to find it.
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