Tips for The Big & Tall: The Casual Dressed Man

Big and tall man tend to be treated somewhat like an enigma when it comes to mainstream brands. While some stores have dedicated sizes for bigger men, they aren't designed for men that are gifted with height; forcing men into wearing ill-fitting clothing. It doesn't help that efforts to expand men's fashion comes with its own shortcomings and stigma. 
Unfortunately, men's plus size options are not growing fast enough to accommodate an ever-changing demographic. The clothing industry's lack of action may stem from a hesitation to sell plus size clothing to men as a cause. Launching a new line that caters to big and tall men requires a PR push that needs to be sensitive to men's preferences – but brands have failed to hone in on what that message should be. In the end, no one wins - unless you're a brand which sees value in equipping men of all sizes with the right style.

Tips For The Casually Dressed Big and Tall Man

Dressing your size as a big and tall man can be complicated and a bit intimidating for those who are uninitiated. Here is how you can achieve an effortless look that complements your body type, while still showing off your personality.

Be Cognizant of Colors & Patterns. 

It would be best to limit the presence of horizontal stripes and fabrics that use large patterns. Instead, invest in quality pieces that utilize vertical lines for a slimming effect. Opt for solid
colors that are somewhat muted, but still show off your style with subtle patterns. Tweed and herringbone are fashionable linens that can be attractive on a larger body.

Combining the Right Tops and Bottoms. 

When it comes to picking a bottom, wear clothes that fit at your natural waistline. When it comes to shirts and tops, select shirts that are long enough to tuck into your trousers. The key to this combination is to make sure that there isn't too much excess material, with the top and bottom fitting in synergy.

A word on temperature. 

When temperatures rise, some big and tall man simply try to layer. While viable, tall men do best to avoid elongating their body by balancing their shape with the help of a long overcoat. When the temperature heats up, tall men do best with a long-sleeved shirt with shorts or short sleeved shirt with slacks. Avoid adding bulk by staying away from long shorts and using cargo shorts. Not only is a fashion faux pas, but it's typically unflattering.

Clothing Big and Tall

The quintessential Henley T-shirt. Henley T-shirts are flattering to most body types and did not have a specific season. Henley's draw attention to your chest and shoulders, flattering your size and physique without being garish.
  • point zero, henley tee with screen print chest pocket
  • britches, cotton slub long sleeve henley
The casual shirt. The casual shirt is a requirement for any fashion-forward man. For men who are big and tall, they tend to avoid these shirts because sometimes they don't fit the arm or it's cut too short for their dimensions. Thankfully, we have a dedicated array of casual shirts that will flatter your body type.
  • daniel hechter paris, allover painted paisley print long sleeve casual shirt
  • daniel hechter paris, long sleeve casual shirt with trims
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