The Perfect Summer Apparel for The Big and Tall Men

Summer is the perfect time to re-invent.

That goes for your look, too. Trying something new with your outfits is a great way to break up the big and tall men’s clothing monotony, and the good news is there are some great summer trends out there right now. We’ve got the lowdown on what’s in, what’s comfortable and what will make you look great this summer.

Mixin’ And Matchin’

It’s the easiest and cheapest way to create and try a new look this summer. Take what shorts and shirts you already have and try out different combos you haven’t before! 

We’re not talking colors, though. Go a layer deeper and focus on shades. If your green shirt is bright then try on some darker (think: navy) shorts. Dark blue shirt? White shorts. Contrast with a dash of compliment. Also, remember that more subtle tones can work well as your shirts most of the time.

Light = Right

Any apparel you wear out this summer should have some loose fabrics to keep you cool. That means taking a look at the tag before you buy a shirt. If it’s polyester or nylon then skip it. Cotton is the best choice when the sun is bearing down on you.

Short Style

Big and tall guys tend to lean towards baggy or long shorts because their brain tells them it’s best to obscure their frame. The opposite is true!

Slimmer, frame-hugging shorts actually feel comfortable and slim you way down. Our suggestion is, as always, flat front shorts. We’re particularly big fans of Britches’ moisture-wicking fabric shorts. The look of chinos with the heat-absorbing comfort you’ll love this summer. You’ll notice they don’t have extra pockets. Good! Cargo shorts only add bulk and extra layers you definitely don’t need while you’re out and about.

You might also consider plaid-patterned flat-front shorts for some extra style. Just sayin’.

Shirt Style

Prints are back, baby. Add in the fact geek culture rules the world and it’s time for you big and tall men to finally be set free! Break out those graphic tees you’ve left in the closet for a long time with pride this summer.

Basic prints are in, too. If you’re a tall guy and really want to stand out this summer, try a nautical short-sleeve polo. The deep red will draw the eye and the horizontal striping will break up your frame in an appealing way.

Horizontal patterns are no-no’s for big guys, so if you fall in that category there are some terrific vertical designs on short-sleeve sport shirts this summer that will leave you looking and feeling cool.

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