5 Fall Style Trends for the Big & Tall Man

The season has turned over and George Richards is here to make sure you feel great during the new season. If you think the fall is the time to play it safe, think again. There are some great trends sweeping across the big & tall men’s clothing landscape, and we’re here to offer five of our favourites you should own as the leaves begin to fall. 

Knit is “It”

It’s the fabric of the fall, so get ahead of the curve while you still can. A long-sleeve stretch knit top hits all the right buttons for big and tall men: it’s comfortable, simple, usually comes in dark colours and just simply looks great.

Colour Blocking

The 90’s called and said they’re coming over for the fall 2018 season, because colour blocking is back in style. If you’ve stuck mostly to single-coloured tops or outfits, this is the time to start trying out some well-blocked fall colours. Henley shirts are ahead of the game with a couple of nice big & tall shirt options available.


Nothing screams “fall” quite like denim, but that doesn’t just mean we’re heading into jeans season. Denim shirts are a great casual option this autumn, combining comfort and warmth as the days get chilly, while also allowing you to dress up, or down, as needed.

Henleys Are Your Friend

We’ll recommend Henleys all day, every day in the autumn months. Henleys are the trend for men headed for a night out or a casual setting this fall. They’re lightweight, but warm enough to keep you comfortable and big & tall men look great in them!

Henleys are also great complementary pieces to any outfit, coming in bold solid colours to help you colour block, or with interesting patterns to make you stand out a bit.

Be Bold

The fall season might make you feel like you need to bundle up and tone down your look. The opposite trend is true this year: wearing bold prints to stick out of the crowd is a big plus.  Find a long-sleeve shirt with a print that speaks to you and rock it proudly.  We’re talking a red-orange paisley print, a floral print or even a Hawaiian-style bowling shirt. (Yep. Bowling shirts are in this season.) The old rules about bold shirts are still true, though: go bold while showing off you’re an expert at colour matching. Pull this look off and you’ll look and feel great about yourself all autumn.

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