Fall Style Trends for Big & Tall Men | How to Stay Warm and Look Cool

Fall is coming - or “autumn” when we hang out with the Queen. It happens to be one of our favourite seasons around here at George Richards. It's cool enough to wear our favourite layers but not so cold that we have to worry about getting buried underneath a snow mound.

As the leaves change colour, so should your wardrobe. Walking around in shorts may not be the best idea with single digits looming around the corner.

You too can be as smooth as Nat King Cole during the fall. Here’s four trends you can expect us to be wearing this season.

Fall Style Trend #1: Knits

Knitwear is the best way to usher in the fall. Versatile, knit tops come in various big and tall styles and materials.

For the dipping temperatures, wool is one of the best bets. Naturally breathable and an incredible mountainous insulator (baaaaah), consider wool to be your best friend until spring comes around.

From thin merino wool v-necks to thick Italian wool shawl cardigans, knitwear can be worn in both casual and business settings. Pair a v-neck sweater underneath your suit for an extra layer of protection - a go-to office look.

Or maybe you’d prefer a smart casual look - layer your shawl cardigan with dark denim, an oxford shirt and knit tie. Yes, knit ties are a thing and you should get one for your fall fits.

Did we forget to mention the chunky fisherman sweaters? Get your Parisian on and rock a chunky knit with a pair of relaxed pants, a favourite of Jonah Hill.

Fall Style Trend #2: Denim

Nothing screams “fall” quite like denim. Go full Canadian tuxedo and rock denim from head to toe. No judgement to be had around here, as it’s one of the hardiest, most robust materials out there.

Guaranteed to keep you covered throughout the fall season. Unwashed raw denim is a great option to give you the true heritage look. Plus, raw denim tends to be heavier giving your legs some much needed insulation throughout the evening.

Jean jackets are another absolute must. Whether you choose to dress it up or down, this versatile piece to any man’s wardrobe is a time-tested staple. Opt for a wool or shearling lined version if you’re looking to rock this into the late-fall/early-winter.

Look to the OG Levi’s or new-school classics like Jack & Jones for your denim fix.

Fall Style Trend #3: Long-sleeve Henleys

An everyday classic for fall. Henleys are the essential casual underlayer for your flannels or denim jacket.

Think of this as the cool cousin to the t-shirt; similar cut but with a bit more depth. The type of cousin that schools you in beer pong while chatting about Noam Chomsky's geo-political theories.

The henley features a button-up neck, similar to a polo or rugby shirt, but it doesn’t have the same level of formality. It’s collarless, a crossover between the t-shirt and the polo.

Typically made with cottony softness, thick waffle weaves are ideal for fall and winter months. Undo one or two buttons for a touch of casual coolness.

Fall Style Trend #4: Bold Prints and Colours

Just because the hours of sunshine are decreasing does not mean you have to limit your colour choices! There are vibrant colours all around you: golden yellows, warm oranges, robust reds, deep greens and browns.

Orange or gold paired with navy are classic collegiate combos.

Bold and warm, these tones will add colour to your wardrobe while also blending well with the season. If this is your first time wearing brighter colours in the fall, try wearing an orange hoodie under a denim jacket. Eventually, you’ll kit your whole closet in rich hues.

Fall Trends at George Richards

Autumn is often known as the season of transition to give yourself a moment of contemplation. Sometimes even relieving yourself of past beliefs.

We know, the summer is over and you had a ton of great memories: backyard BBQs, beach days, camping, patio drinks. It’s tough to not get a little resentful towards the coming weather.

But the good times don’t have to end. With the right fall wardrobe, you can continue thriving and loving every moment. 

This time, it'll be around the fireplace or going for a forest stroll amidst the ablazen leaves.

Don’t let the season slow you down. George Richards is here to help you stay warm and comfy with the latest fall trends.

For over 50 years, George Richards has been helping Big and Tall Canadians find the latest seasonal trends, including fall and winter. Without compromising style, you’ll look great and feel confident.

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