Style Trends

Light Wash Denim

That’s right: looking lived-in and down-to-earth will be all the rage this year. Good thing, too. We bet your closet is filled to the brim with dark indigo jeans. No shame in that! Dark jeans are about as versatile as they come.
However, the upside that comes with light-washed denim should make you pretty happy this year. The fact is that light wash styles run softer and lighter than their darker cousins and work well in casual settings. They could be your perfect jeans for the winter-to-spring or summer-to-fall transitions in 2021. 

Mismatched Prints

Stripes, flowers, camo, you name it. The pattern game is afoot lately in a big way. This year take the next step and scramble things up a bit to match your exciting approach to the new year.
When we say mismatched, you might think we mean two distinctly different patterns. You certainly can! Who’s to say a camo print v-neck can’t pair well with the palm trees on your shorts? Be the one to step out there and try the new combos first in 2021.
However, don’t be afraid to pair two similar prints. Stylish light leaves on your shoulders might look great with dark-hued leaves on your legs. You (and the world) won’t know until you try!


We’ve been on the scarf train for years now. They’re comfortable, look great, and every guy should get in on this trend.
Scarves pull off a rare style one-two-punch: they add the color your outfit might lack while serving the functional purpose of saving your neck (literally) in the winter. A cashmink scarf can fit with every coat in your closet and help you out when the world gets a bit too cold.

Bright Suits

Just like with denim, the pendulum has swung to color in the men’s suits world as well. This is excellent news for big and tall men. We all want to stand out in a significant way and jumping ahead of the drab suits in your office is a great way to do that. Go with a light grey or show up rocking a red suit if you dare. That’s what the new year is for, after all.
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