Running Your New Athleisure Style

One of our favourite trends to come out of the late-2010’s, Athleisure is the perfect clothing to throw on after a day full of meetings.

We can’t say it better than Investopedia. So we won’t. They define athleisure as, “a fashion trend characterized by athletic clothing that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.”

Damn. We’re more convinced now, and we’ve been rocking these tapered-slim joggers for the last 2 years.

If you want to run errands or go for Saturday brunch in soft-buttery fleece, but don’t want to look like you rolled out of bed, athleisure is the style for you.

The History of Sportswear

Let’s be clear about something - sportswear used to be rugby shirts, polos, sport jackets, oxfords, and ties.

Check out this depiction of a rugby match in the 1800s.

Now, they’re a normal part of our daily attire. This is the same vein that athleisure lives within.

As we continue to invent new materials that accommodate slimmer and more flattering cuts, sportswear will adapt to our fashion needs - which brought the emergence of athleisure.

This is a big reason why we can make slim fitting sweatpants, or t-shirts that look like cotton, yet wick away sweat.

They keep up with the rigours of life while being fashionable enough to exude confidence anywhere you go.

Go-To Athleisure Picks

Tapered Sweatpants and Joggers

We’ve already mentioned these, but they are the single-most impactful piece of athleisure. We’re talking about slim-tapered sweatpants.

Your brain may be a little confused at first - for this level of comfort, you’d expect it to be baggy, shapeless, and sloppy.

Not the case with tapered sweatpants. Because of the slimming silhouette, you’ll look sharp and feel comfortable. Since the shape is akin to a pair of tailored slacks, they are more versatile than your pizza-stained university sweats.

Feel free to pair with a leather jacket and a matching hoodie to complete the look, like Canada’s (and October’s) own, Drake.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Similar to tapered sweatpants, hoodies and sweatshirts are following suit with flattering cuts.

On top of being our favourite fall item, you can wear your favourite hoodie with a wide variety of jackets. Denim and leather varieties add a bit of edge to a typically relaxed clothing item. 

And don’t feel like hoodies are too casual either. If paired up with a wool coat, denim, and boots, you’ll be able to pull off a more refined casual look.

Performance Tees

...that don’t look like performance tees.

Yup, they do more than just give you a nice clean look. We’ve mentioned in the past that there are few lasting traditions like a man’s t-shirt.

Athleisure takes this nostalgic staple and makes it even more comfortable. The perfect base layer to keep you dry, even if the most vigorous movement you’re doing is bar hopping.

Check out Britches’ Ultimate line for the perfect blend of classic fits and modern technology.

Athleisure is the Future

At George Richards, we believe that comfort and confidence go hand in hand. Athleisure embodies this sentiment when it’s time to relax or take a day off.

There’s no need to feel stuck between choosing comfort over form. Why not have both at all times?

Thanks to athleisure, even our underwear is more enjoyable. Some pairs include a pouch to cradle - erm - our pair. This is a design cue taken from jockstraps but now used for increased daily comfort.

It’s time to embrace comfort because everything else is just awkward.

For over 50 years, George Richards has been helping Big and Tall Canadians find the most comfortable menswear. Without compromising style, you’ll look great and feel confident while wearing the top athleisure fashion.

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