Running Your New Athleisure Style

You don’t have to be an athlete to wear athletic clothes. After all, looking athletic is not about being able to run 100 metres in less than 10 seconds like Usain Bolt. It’s about fitting easily into your clothes for maximum flexibility and movement. With the sun’s extra warmth just around the corner, now’s the time to build that unique athleisure style. 
Most of us aren’t world class athletes, but that doesn’t mean some of our tasks don’t require an athletic touch. How many of us know what it’s like to jump around the kitchen trying to swat a fly, or spring forward past family members to snatch the last cupcake? Probably quite a few. “Athleisure” is about wearing clothes that fit the occasion. After all, you wouldn’t wear a three-pocket charcoal vest for a pick-up hockey game, would you?
When it comes to that specific athleisure style, the best place to start is with an easy fit, sleeveless tee. This is the shirt that is great for layering when it’s cool, and to wear on its own when it gets warm. There’s a lot of utility to the classic sleeveless shirt. Perhaps most importantly, no two bodies are the same. If you experience excessive sweating or if your body naturally runs cold, men’s gym shirts are valuable in terms of utility. Another potential issue for men is something you might not think about, but can’t avoid: chest hair! Naturally, chest hair is more ample for some men than others. A smooth fit, sleeveless tee helps keep your chest covered and comfortable.
For those who are more active, exercise shirts have been conveniently built with moisture-wicking properties, as in, instead of letting moisture (from say, sweat) collect and pool onto your shirt, modern fabrics pull that moisture towards the shirt’s exterior to make sweat evaporate.   
Men’s athletic clothes wouldn’t be complete without picking the right jogging pants for whether you need a quick run to get in your cardio or just to veg out. The same principle holds true with men’s gym shorts. On a warm day, nothing beats the cozy feel of walking, sitting, or laying around in a pair of basic-knit fleece shorts. Don’t forget to give your feet an airing out too!

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