Saving Big at the End of Winter

It’s easy to assume that winter months mean more expensive clothing purchases, especially for big and tall men. After all, there are simply more layers to throw on each morning to make sure you don’t turn into a popsicle by the time you get where you’re going. And let’s face it, big & tall clothing means more fabric, which might mean higher costs. 
That doesn’t have to be true! Like anything, surviving clothing shopping in the winter is all about making the right choices for the right situations. Here are some areas of your winter wardrobe to focus on that won’t break the bank but will keep you nice and toasty.

You Don’t Only Need Boots

The common misconception here. It’s cold and there’s snow everywhere, so it’s time to invest half of your monthly earnings in some heavy-duty snow boots, right?
Wrong. Don’t head straight for the winter shoes aisle. Instead, look at shoes you would be interested in anyway and check them for three important qualities: waterproofness, inner lining, and sturdy soles. There’s a great chance affordable pairs of shoes with those winter-proof features are hiding in plain sight.

Texting Gloves Aren’t Expensive

Because let’s face it: if the gloves don’t have touch-screen capabilities you might pass them up pretty quickly these days. It’s essential, especially for the big & tall guy with a schedule to keep and calls to make. The great news is a pair of texting ski gloves comes cheaper than ever these days without sacrificing the warmth and style you will absolutely crave.

Scarves Can Save Your Bank

It’s not just the layer of warmth in the winter you never knew you needed, it’s the layer that might make other layer purchases unnecessary. For instance, you could splurge for an expensive overcoat. Or you could add some less expensive scarves to your outfits to add an equally effective layer. Scarves come in a few different fabrics, so it’s really about which one feels right for you.

Don’t Sweat It, Just Sweater It

You’ll need sweaters for the early spring weather, and there are enough different styles out there that won’t leave you penniless.
Cardigans embrace the best of both worlds: relatively lightweight and easy to match with just about any shirt you wear underneath. And cardigans come especially in handy for the big and tall man, since wearing a cardigan open (whether buttoned or zippered) slims the torso frame a bit while keeping you feeling and looking relaxed.
As opposed to the cardigan, the crew neck needs to be worn underneath a jacket or blazer. It’s the middle piece to your layered outfit. And, thus, it can be the piece that stands out the most. Crew necks are the best option for big and tall men with shoulders that slope a little since the crew neck frames your torso a bit better that way.
Less bulky than turtlenecks, mock necks tend to slim down a man’s frame and direct the eye’s attention to your face. Whatever sweater you choose, it’s a good route to save some money as the winter winds down while staying warm.
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