Meet For Drinks, Like The Old Days

Let’s say you met your partner after one of you worked up the courage to ask the other join them at the bar after work. Let’s say that’s not how you met. Either way, this date idea is a winner. Relive a simple memory you shared long ago over some drinks or play the stereotypical “first date” roles you two never got to play together. Low-key, but in the best way. 
So throw on that happy hour sport coat over whatever shirt you might be wearing – this might be an excellent time to break out that snazzy new dress shirt – and swim in a bit of nostalgia this Valentine’s Day.

Indoor Movie Picnic

Yes, that sounds confusing. Hear us out. By the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, chances are it will still be cold outside. Too cold to pull off two of our favorite date ideas: drive-in movies and picnics.
So, move them inside and create the best of both worlds. Spend the day together cooking fancier stuff than you’d get at drive-in theaters or a picnic in the park and enjoy the fruits of your labor together in the warmth of your living room.
However, fellas, you should take it a step further and dress like you were on a public date anyway. Dazzle and surprise your partner with an outfit – dress shirt, sweater, blazer, chinos and oxford shoes – to write home about. Don’t worry. You can shed some of that fluff as the evening wears on. It’s the moment you’re going for, after all.

Take Advantage of the Horrid Weather

Make your Valentine’s Day date a fun rebuke to the snow you’ve warred with the last month or so. Get outside and make the most of it. Build snowmen. Instigate a snowball fight (safely, of course!) Or find an outdoor rink nearby. If you’re lucky, it’ll be empty, and you can laugh together over your earnest attempts to slow-dance on ice. (Again, safely!)
But don’t feel miserable for the sake of good times. You can’t give your partner or the night the attention they deserve if you’re thinking about how warm your living room is. (Do the indoor movie picnic next year!) So be prepared with a comfy-yet-functional softshell jacket and a pair of pants that won’t get soaked by the slipping and sliding around in the snow.
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