The Perfect Fathers Day Gift

Why do we celebrate Father's Day, to pay homage to the men, blood or not, who keep us safe, fed, clothed and provide the rich soil for us to grow into strong adults.
Your dad plays a very special role in your life. Theirs is the finger you held onto while you learned to walk. They dried your tears when you fell. The taught you to ride a bike, about girls and boys. Then, when you decide you are all grown up, they reminded you how much you still had to learn without making you feel like a kid again.
To help you make the day really special for those special men in your life that work so hard and give so much, here are a few pointers on how to choose Father's Day gifts to make it a truly spectacular day for dear old Dad.

Buy for Him

This may sound like an odd tip but it is not uncommon for people to give dad a present that has little to do with how they enjoy living their lives. If your dad is a Tee shirt and jeans kind of guy buy him casual menswear. Why give a tie to someone who hasn't worn one since Khrushchev was in the Kremlin?
Of course, the inverse of this is that if pops likes to style it up then a designer tie in the latest pattern might be just the ticket to put a smile on his face. Most men hate to shop for their own clothes so you can lighten his load and brighten his wardrobe as well as his day by picking men's dresswear items in his favourite colours.

Make it Personal

Engraved and Monogrammed items are always a hit. They show that you not only took the time find a gift that truly fit the man but to make it uniquely his. Whether it is a crest, his initials or an inside joke only the two of you share. A Little needlework can take even common Father's Day gifts and lift them to new levels.

Mind Your Budget

Few people have open-ended budgets and dads tend to more aware of this than most. Mom may measure your devotion in carats, dozens and menu prices but most fathers would rather have a gift that required thought over charge card and a kid that knows the value of a personal touch.

Last Minute Gifts

Father's Day comes the same time each year so there really isn't much excuse for getting caught short on time but life can get hectic sometimes. Luckily, thanks to the internet you're using right now, you can find a gift for even the most discriminating father. Shopping online has never been easier.

Impossible Fathers

There are those fathers that like to shop for themselves and this makes it hard for anyone else to buy for them. They usually have more of everything than they need and if they want it they have already bought it.
For these dads, try a gift that gives to others. Many businesses like George Richards Big and Tall Menswear also act as agents for worthwhile charities. This store accepts donations to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and as a reward issues a commemorative tie clip to the donor. You can't buy the clip so odds are dad doesn't have one.
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