Staying Relaxed and Warm this Winter

We all play a fun layering game each winter. We make sure we’re warm enough to walk around outside but not too burdened by clothing that we sweat indoors.
Avoid that chill this winter with our helpful tips to figure out which combinations of jackets, coats, sweaters, and shirts are right for you when trying to layer fashionably this winter.

Go From Thinnest to Thickest

Your base should be your thinnest. That could mean your standard t-shirt underneath a dress shirt. It could mean a long-sleeve top underneath a sweater, too. It should be something that isn’t too thin to wear during the winter but not so thick that you’ll still be too warm when you remove your outer layers.

The Color Conundrum

Throwing on layer after layer is the easy part. Making sure you look good at the same time? Not so much. You can make life easier on yourself, though, by sticking to similar tones and the basics: grey, black or charcoal.
For instance: some combination of a charcoal coat, brown jacket, and red-gray scarf would go nicely together for your outer layer. Your under-layer could be a nice reddish dress shirt. You get the idea: pick a general outfit color and ensure each layer is some sort of reflection of that.

Going Out in Layers

If you have an after-work function you will want to stay warm and light. A good combo here is starting thin with a long-sleeve top or a classy henley knit and layering a puff vest over it. Top it off with a top coat and you are all set!


Scarves serve an important purpose: keeping your exposed neck away from the biting winds. If you’ve never worn scarves before, you’ll never want to go back after you try them. As always with accessories, they only work as well as they make you feel. Find the right fabric for you, whether it’s thick and bulky or thinner and softer. Some scarves will feel better depending on which way you decide to wear them.

Don’t Forget the Feet

It’s funny how guys sometimes neglect our feet when putting together an outfit. Without them, you’d have no way to get that outfit out the door. So, do your lowest extremities a favor this winter and invest in shoes and socks that tie your outfit together.
When you hunt for season-appropriate shoes this winter, aim for those with interior lining and good traction in the soles. Ice is hard to spot, and a good pair of traction soles will keep you upright.
The most important shoe quality for looking good and feeling great is waterproofness, however. Trudging through snow for a block or two can soak your shoes like you just crossed a river. A good pair of shoes with waterproof functions will keep you comfortable and your shoes looking great.
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