How to Wear Baggy Jeans with Style

During the '90s, relaxed fit jeans were all the rave. Today, skinnier pants are far more ubiquitous. However, according to GQ, many designers are welcoming the laid-back appearance relaxed jeans give their wearers. After all, they're way roomier than most traditional straight-leg styles. If you're looking to embrace this trend, here is what you need to know to buy the best pair of relaxed jeans you can get your hands on. 

Picking the Perfect Pair of Stylish Baggy Jeans

When choosing a pair of relaxed-fit jeans, the first thing you need to do is check the inseam. This is the length from the crotch seam to the end of the pant leg. Checking the inseam is critical because it determines the fit and the break of your pants’ legs. The break meaning how your pant leg falls from your waist and how it lands on your feet. If you're pressed for time or in a rush for whatever reason, buying a pair of cropped jeans will suffice.

Wearing Relaxed Stylish Baggy Jeans

Donning relaxed jeans is extremely straightforward - unlike other fashion trends. One of the best ways to incorporate these jeans into your wardrobe is to pair them with retro clothing. Revisiting the trends of yesteryears is a practice as old as fashion itself.
However, if you’re trying to avoid a dated appearance, we recommend that you pair your jeans with bulky footwear, like boots. Boots are a go-to during the cooler seasons, especially the winter. This type of footwear usually complements outerwear well and is bound to make a fantastic pairing with your relaxed fit jeans -- excellent for making a fashion statement.

Wear Dark Washes of Denim

Denim with darker washes pairs better with other items, such as blazers, to incorporate a high-low combination. Dark washes of denim include:
  • Acid wash
  • Rinse wash
  • Black/gray
  • All-over tinting
  • Coated denim
  • Vintage finish
Acid wash - acid-wash jeans were fashionable during the '80s and known as marble or moon-wash pants. This jeans wash possesses tonal color and sharp contrasts.
Rinse wash - rinse wash is the standard rinse for jeans. This jeans rinse makes denim softer and more comfortable to wear. Rinse-wash jeans provide a clean appearance.
Black/gray - black and gray jeans are traditional blue jeans that feature gray- or black-colored dyes. Dark colors are perfect to wear during the winter months.
All-over tinting - all-over tinted jeans contain more than one type of dye. For example, brown- and green-tinted jeans are the product of all-over tinting dye.
Coated denim - coated denim contains polyurethane (PU) coating. This type of denim does not fade or deteriorate when washed and lasts for many years.
Vintage finish - vintage finish jeans obtain a worn or used appearance. The color levels of these jeans can be altered using different color levels.
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