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Family man, chef and restauranteur – meet Rodney Bowers. An army brat born in Newfoundland, Rodney now lives in Toronto where he’s the owner of several restaurants, is a regular expert chef on The Marylin Dennis Show and a bonified instagram star. Being a bigger man, he once found it difficult to find confidence in his style... until he discovered George Richards. Now at the top of his game, Rodney knows that looking good means feeling good, and we’ve teamed up with him to help spread the word.

Are fashion and clothing important to you?
I’ve always loved fashion and clothing, but I struggled with whether or not it fit well and looked good. I never had a lot of options as a large man. I’ve been as big as 440lbs and 6xxl. I stayed in sweat pants for about 3 years. My marriage broke up a couple of years ago and I had to get back out on the scene and work it (not really). It was important that I not stay home and feel sorry for myself, so it’s only in the last couple years that I’ve been able to find my confidence in clothing. George Richards Big & Tall Menswear has made looking good a much easier thing for me because style should be an everyday thing. The better I look, the better I feel and that is reciprocal. It makes me want to look and feel better everyday.

How does it feel to be a brand ambassador for George Richards Big & Tall Menswear for this spring?
I’m super excited to be a brand ambassador for George Richards this spring. I’m on top of my game these days, looking good and feeling confident, especially in what I’m wearing. This brand is me. I’m an everyday guy who likes a night at a hockey game just as much as taking my lady out for a beautiful dinner and night at the opera. George Richards helps me look good doing whatever I want.

You’re a familiar personality on television but also social media, why is that important these days and what’s the secret to attracting a large following?
I think it’s important not only to love what you do, but to love yourself. I’ve struggled with eating issues, and mild depression and anxiety for a long time. Social media has help bring awareness, transparency and vulnerability to these issues for me, not to mention a ton of support, and on the flip side, I’ve been able to mentor a lot of people as well. I’m not sure why people follow me. I try and be as real as I possibly can. I think people can relate because I never sugarcoat anything in social media.

You can follow Rodney on twitter and instagram .

Are you a movie fan?
Love movies. Every kind. I’m a sucker for a good blockbuster on an imax screen though, and my kryptonite is a large buttered popcorn and an icy Diet Coke.

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