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Blog George Richards Big & Tall Menswear

Tips When Choosing Shoe Style

big & tall men's shoesAh, shoes. The last piece of your daily outfit and generally the last thing you throw on as you’re checking your watch and sprinting to the car to head to work. And then the things you forget about all day until that glorious moment when you walk through the back door, take them off and can finally relax.
Don’t let your shoes become afterthoughts, guys. A well-considered shoe style can make all the difference in any outfit you wear.

Don’t be afraid to wear bold shoes

As a man on the larger or taller side of life, you may have the natural inclination to wear clothing that makes you stand out less. That’s completely fair, and something you should take into consideration whenever you’re shopping. But clothing should be complimentary, not a blatant attempt to hide your size. That goes for your feet, as well!
So drop some color onto your shoe styles. We’re not talking Ronald McDonald clown shoes, here. We just mean that if you find a pair of shoes that fit well and stray from the normal black or brown, don’t be timid about working the red loafers or blue boots into the rotation now and again.

Tall men should stick with slim fits

The overall trend in fashion these days is a slim cut, so taller guys should make sure their shoes don’t carry bulk that sits at odds with the rest of their outfit. Aim for narrow toes and slim soles if your pants are slim.

Know what shoes match with your pants

Color, material and formality all apply to this rule. Like a jazz crooner fronting a metal band, the wrong pair of shoes can throw your entire outfit out of balance.
If you’re wearing jeans, leave the shiny, well-polished dress shoes at home. Jeans pair best with boots, sneakers, sandals or loafers. It’s a casual look, and your feet should reflect that.
The chinos (or loafers) you’d wear to work or formal functions need to be paired with those shinier leather shoes. The level of formality should help you determine whether your shoes require a buckle or heavy stitching. (As in, the more formal, the more specialized.)

But don’t always match the colors of your shoes with your other accessories

Big and tall men generally want more mixing than matching in their outfits. The more in-sync your clothes are in color, the longer and bigger your body will look. Instead, try just matching the color of your belt and shoes and ensuring the color contrasts with the rest of your suit. That will draw more attention to your waist and break the overall outfit up.