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Blog George Richards Big & Tall Menswear

Must Haves for 2018

2018 trends for Big and Tall MenIt’s a new year, which means it’s time for a new you. That’s what everyone says, but what does it mean when it comes to your big & tall men’s fashion?  

It really means whatever you want it to mean, as long as you follow one theme: change it up. You know the flaws in your overall style, and a common problem bigger guys run into is favoring practical way more than the stylish. Which makes all kinds of sense! But this is the year to even that race a little bit.  

So here are a few tips on how to spruce up various parts of your big & tall outfits.   

Brighten up your work style 

There’s no reason to wear the same white dress shirts to work every day. You’ve got a bright personality and might as well let your wardrobe reflect it even during the most mundane days of the work week.  

We’re willing to bet your closet has a distinct lack of blue and nautica shades in it. So pick out a button-down cotton dress shirt with both! It’s an eye-catcher for all the right reasons. Don’t stop there. Floral redsflamingo grey with blue huesnavy with speckles of white and light blue … the color spectrum is a wide one, so make sure your 2018 takes full advantage.  

Stylize your jeans game 

Jeans for big & tall men don’t need to be practical and plain. There’s nothing keeping you from patterning and changing your jeans game up this year just like anyone else.  

Remember: you can achieve style quality without sacrificing durability. Need those extra pockets? No problem. Ben Sherman is here for you in style. You can also aim for stylish stretch fabric this year whether you’re going the darker color route or the more traditional rich indigo.  

Two-tone your sweater collection 

That doesn’t mean red and yellow or green and blue or any garish color matchups you can imagine. Sometimes simple is best. We’re particular fans of sweaters with lighter-color torsos and darker arms, or vice-versa. But ensure the tones are similar enough that you don’t stand out in a bad way.  

Layer in style 

If your sweater game shifts to multi-tones, then reverse field with your big & tall men’s coats this winter. Try a single, solid color that doesn’t deviate too much from your overall outfitFor the mildly cool days, opt for a solid-toned Columbia jacket with an insulated interior.