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Tips for Rocking a Polo Shirt

Tips for Rocking a Polo Shirt

When it comes to looking your best, it's all about what you and how you feel wearing it. The polo shirt is one menswear staple that can be found in every man's wardrobe. These popular shirts were first worn in the 1920s by polo players, which is where they get their name, and but they also have deep roots in tennis. Cotton polos are popular men's polos and highly recommended because they are durable and breathable. Polo shirts are generally made from a variety of materials, including: 

  • Knitted fibers
  • Cotton
  • Merino wool
  • Silk
  • Synthetic fibers

Polo shirts feature three buttons with a placket neckline and a collar. They may also have a pocket. Here are different tips you can use to help you master rocking a polo shirt.

The Fit of the Shirt

The fit of your polo shirt needs to be as close to perfect as possible. The hem should not exceed halfway down your pants, meaning it should not meet with your fly or back pockets. The sleeves of your polo shirt should fall halfway down your bicep. Typically, the better shape you're in, the closer the sleeves of the polo will fit.

You should never wear an undershirt with a polo because the polo shirt itself is the base layer of your clothing. Long-sleeved polos are available, but if you're a fashionista, stay far away from them.

Mixing and Matching

Polo shirts can be mixed and matched, including with a suit. However, you need to pay close attention to the colors you're mixing. Color harmony is just as important as the way the shirt fits. If you plan on matching a polo shirt with a suit, you're in for a surprise. There has to be color harmony present in all three pieces. Decide whether the color combination is complementary, analogous or triadic.

The polos you wear don't have to be blinding neon colors to make you stand out from other people. You can wear a neutral-colored polo and pair it with white or cream chinos. You may want to wear a dark pair of pants, which is okay, but you intend to stand out from the crowd, not blend in. Typically, the darker your complexion, the lighter the tones of clothing you can pull off.

To Pocket or Not to Pocket?

Wearing a polo that features a pocket on the breast of the shirt is a good way to stand out. Make sure the pocket is secure. When you wash the shirt, keep a spacer of the same shape in the pocket. This prevents sagging. A pocket can add visual interest, although it may not be the most practical item.

Pay Attention to the Buttons

Polos have three buttons, but you should leave at least one buttoned up and have at least one unbuttoned. Leaving all the buttons undone creates a sloppy appearance, and buttoning all the buttons on a polo shirt gives you an awkward, uptight appearance.

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