Style Starts with the Basics

It’s fun to pick out clothes for special occasions. Do you enjoy wearing something that keeps you warm and protects against the harsh cold? Of course. Do you like wearing colours that match the outdoors during the summer? Maybe. Do you like being comfortable while looking great? Definitely. 
Style isn’t forged in a summer fire. It’s the basics that endure. That means getting your style right for the year shouldn’t have to feel like getting the oil changed on your car. Just like chocolate and vanilla, the basics are the bedrock for looking great, whether it is your everyday look or dressing up for a special occasion.

Starting from the Bottom Up

When it comes to basics, nothing endures like a quality pair of men’s jeans. No, seriously. Search for the oldest pair of wearable jeans and you’ll find a denim pair that dates all the way back to 1879! That’s what makes picking the right denim essential; they’ll last longer than a backyard rock. Luckily for you — the stylish gentleman —  there is no shortage of great choices. From fabrics that stretch for the perfect fit —  made of cotton, spandex, and all the best fitting essentials —  to classic fits that showcase your best features.
Next is picking the perfect men’s shirt. It’s one of the most essential pieces of clothing you’ll ever wear. No, not because most of our lives are spent away from the beach. But because the perfect shirt is great for formal and informal occasions alike. Whether you’re at a birthday party for a loved one, or just looking for a drink during happy hour, you can’t leave home without it. Beautiful sport shorts, men’s polos made with gentle cotton, or just a perfect-fit tee that you can wear out or during a nap is what makes getting the basics right the most important decision of your fashion life. All of these items are the foundation for how you present yourself to the world, so present yourself with awesomeness.

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