Rep Your Team!

Running hot and cold is just part of life as a fan of NHL teams. Whether you’re a fan of contenders like the Maple Leafs or Jets, or just hoping to see some progress this year from the Senators or Canucks, you know your beloved franchise is going to dance around with inconsistency at some point.
The two consistent things about every hockey season, though?  Your fandom won’t dip, and the temperature will. 
That can create a bit of a conundrum, right? Especially if you upgrade your t-shirt collection with some throwback shirts this season. You’ll need to layer up just to reach your seats, whether they’re at the stadium, next to your friends at a bar, or on the couch. So how can you balance comfort and team pride this fall? Here’s some simple tips for layering up while incorporating your favourite team’s threads.

Don’t Let Your Jacket Cheer Over Your Shirt

Your t-shirt is the reason for the sports season. You want that Senator red, that Canuck blue, or the classic Bruins’ black and gold to make it known who you root for. So, any busy, bright sweater or jacket will mute your shirt when you need it to be the loudest. Stick with simple gray, black or brown jacket colours.

Go Lightweight Zip-Up When You Can

Especially for your first layer. In fact, just pick out a zip-up jacket that matches or compliments your team’s colours and make that a staple of your game day outfit. There are a few reasons for this:
  • If it gets too hot while you’re watching the game, you can easily take it off and let the t-shirt have the floor.
  • If it’s very cold, you can wear extra layers over it and shed them when you get inside, while the jacket keeps you warm.
  • Zip it down as far as you’re comfortable to let your t-shirt truly shine.
The lightweight zip-up jacket is the perfect companion to your team shirt.

Spruce Things Up

You might be a lifelong fan, but at some point, it’s time to stop wearing the same old t-shirt you got ten years ago for free. No doubt your team has turned its roster over since then, and it’s time you did the same with your apparel roster. Find yourself a great collection of old-school style team logo shirts to choose from so you can feel fresh in the stands while your shirt screams your fan authenticity from the rafters.
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