Men's Summer Clothing: What Materials to Wear

Summer is perhaps the most exciting season of the year. The amazing weather lets you express yourself with vibrant colors and bold prints. Dressing for summer isn't difficult because there's a wide variety of appealing materials to wear. The season demands that you dress lightly as the heat can become uncomfortable if you're wearing denser clothes. This article lists a few of our favorite materials for men's summer fashion. 


Cotton is made of pure cellulose, a naturally occurring polymer. Cotton is possibly the best material you can choose for your summer outfits. It is easily available, affordable and highly effective during hot days. This is the fabric you need if you're looking to incorporate several colors into your outfit. Cotton clothes come in bright, dull or neutral shades. It's also easy to find cotton clothes in various patterns or blends. Both knit and woven blends look ideal. Blends like poly/cotton plain weave, cotton/poly, cotton/rayon are great for sunny days. Wear cotton shirts for better ventilation.


Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. You need linen outfits for summer as the material is super breathable, loosely woven and light to the touch. Linen clothes enable heat to easily escape from the body. Linen clothes are extremely comfortable as they were made to combat too much heat. Linen is loved in the textile industry and has been in fashion for ages. The light material allows linen clothes to quickly absorb moisture and dry fast.


Seersucker material is entirely made from cotton or a cotton blend. Some threads are woven together to give the fabric a wrinkled appearance. Seersucker clothes are an excellent choice during summer as the texture allows air between the clothes and your body to flow easily. The material is light and gives its wearer a preppy appearance. The other advantage of seersucker outfits is that they require no ironing. You will look cool with little effort and stay comfortable throughout the day.


Chambray fabric is made with a dyed warp yarn and a white filling yarn. Not only will a chambray pair of pants elevate your fashion sense, but you will also feel comfortable throughout summer. Chambray material is soft, urbane and smooth. You are guaranteed summertime comfort if you rock clothing made of this fabric. Fancy a lighter version of denim that provides extraordinary breathability and comfort? Get yourself a chambray shirt or pair of nice pants. You get the impression of rocking denim jeans when wearing this material, except the feeling is better as your body does not feel pressed.

Summer is here for you to shine, express yourself in your outfits and feel good about yourself. Go to and look for the best summer outfit that fits your style. George Richards clothing has outfits for every demographic as the clothes are versatile, cute and stylish.

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