Loungewear Essentials for Men

Long gone are the days where your Buzz Lightyear pajama pants were the envy of your peers. As a man, your sleepwear is as crucial as any of your outdoor clothes, so you should upgrade to make sure they represent your style. Besides, when lady friends ask you to slip into something more comfortable, they don't expect you to come back in some faded pants adorned with images of your favorite cartoon characters. In order to save you any undue embarrassment, here at George Richards, we have got a few tips for what loungewear essentials to add to your wardrobe today.

A Solid Coloured Robe

As far as loungewear essentials go, few items are as crucial as the robe. When selecting your sleepwear robe, go for one that drapes closer to your body – this offers a more flattering fit. Try as much as possible to avoid a robe that hang too loose. Additionally, the choice of colors is a crucial consideration. Neutral and dark colors like black, navy, and shades of grey come highly recommended.
When it comes to the material of your loungewear robe, go for terry cloth, waffle weave or cotton. Terry cloth is thick and plush. Thus, it’s perfect for wintertime. In contrast, waffle weave is lighter and thinner, making it excellent loungewear for warmer seasons. Lastly, a cotton robe will form an ideal gown for bathing as the fabric due to how absorbent its. Regardless of your robe needs, George Richards delivers unmatched coziness and never fails to give you quality that matches the wearer’s class.

Quality Underwear

We all sleep in underwear. However, underwear is a particularly critical loungewear piece for men. Especially when it comes to the underwear you sleep in; quality cannot be compromised. Comfort, material, and longevity are the three main factors you need to consider when assessing the quality of the garment. Also, as far as fit goes, make sure your underwear isn’t so tight that it pinches. Several brands have quality men's underwear that provide unmatched comfort and style. Before buying, ensure you do some research and find brands whose choice of cloth and designs matches your taste.

Great Pajama Pants or Sleep Shorts

Pajama pants and sleep shorts are an underrated item in men’s sleepwear. For your pajamas and sleep shorts, go for materials that will provide you with the comfort you need during the night. Loopback cotton and microfiber are highly recommended. Wool, silk and cashmere are also extremely comfortable, breathable and affordable fabrics for your pajamas. They’ll also give you the much-needed longevity to survive all those machine washes.  When it comes to color choice, opt for solid colors. If you’re insistent on having prints, then opt for more lowkey offerings.

A Tank Top or Pocket Tee

When selecting tank tops for loungewear, comfort and breathability are key. Opt for solid colors and don’t be afraid of brighter monochrome tees. Albeit there isn’t anything wrong with normal cotton tank tops, we say it’s better to go with microfiber. Over time, cotton can become discolored and microfiber’s stretchiness lends itself well to durability

Socks and Bedroom Slippers

Socks and bedroom slippers are men's loungewear staples. You’re not reaching your optimum coziness. Whether you’re walking around the house or chilling on a balcony or patio, they’re a must-have. Microfiber slippers with faux fur linings are extremely common these days. Your cozy footwear should be a neutral tone – black or gray. Navy is allowed too.
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