Keeping Your Cool While Staying Warm

Staying warm this winter doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. With this handy guide, you can be sure to feel as comfortable and suave as you look as the temperature keeps dipping.

Keep Those Wrinkles at Bay

The downside to layering to keep warm is it puts a bit of a strain on your base layers. By the end of the day your dress shirt might look a bit wrinkled.
Luckily, George Richards has a host of wrinkle-free dress shirts like this one from Signature Carrington that aims to keep you warm and smooth-stylin’ from sunrise to sunset.

Know What to Look for in Winter Suits

That light-weight fabric you wore all the time over the summer? Not going to cut it. Unfortunately, guys, you will need to invest in some winter-specific suits as the weather turns.
This is where your fabric knowledge steps in. Unlike your dress shirts, you won’t have to worry much about your sturdier winter suits getting wrinkled. But you will need to hone in on whether your suit jackets are half- or fully-lined and made from wool, tweed or flannel. Those are the best ingredients for a suit jacket that won’t leave you shivering.

Don’t Ignore the Outerwear

Topcoats are as much a part of a good winter suit game as the suits themselves, since you’ll be wearing them more often. So, keep that in mind not just as you’re trying to match layers for a good outfit but trying to find something that feels good to wear outside. We recommend this Daniel Hechter Paris topcoat for the best possible combination of warmth and style this winter season.
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