Job Interview Attire for Tall Men

You’ve heard it hundreds of times – it is all about first impressions. Maybe the most important first impression you make of all is at a job interview.
That’s why knowing what to wear and how to wear it is so important before any interview. In fact, you might want to go ahead and plan your outfit before you start practicing your talking points. There’s no reason to save that stress for the day-of. So, let us help with this guide to a tall man’s job interview attire. You worry about the rest. 

Suit Up

You might be applying to a company that you know has a casual dress code. It doesn’t matter. You haven’t been hired yet, so play it safe and head into any job interview planning to wear a nice suit.
As a tall man, you may want to get a new suit tailored for you if you haven’t in a few years. A good tailor can ensure comfort before you sit down for the interview. If you’re on the hunt for a job and know you’ll need to get tailored, get that ball rolling at least two months in advance.
As for choosing the best suit for your interview, keep a couple of quality filters in mind:
  • Two-button, single breasted sport coats are often a wise choice because they take a few different tall torso shapes into account. Those with wider shoulders and longer torsos don’t look as squeezed in with these coats as they might with slimmer styles.
  • Avoid solid colours with your ties and pocket squares. The last thing you want in an interview is to look intimidating, and solid colours make taller men look even taller. So, since your suit jacket will be a single colour, make sure your tie has some life in it with subtle patterns.
  • The fabric of your suit for the interview isn’t essential. As long as it isn’t too heavy, uncomfortable or prone to making you sweat you should be fine. Comfort is key.
So now that you know what kind of suits you should be looking for, let’s start browsing!
Conventional wisdom will tell you to go as neutral as possible. Navy blue or black; maybe a white shirt, and that is fine! But don’t be afraid to go a little bolder. After all, you’re trying to stand out to the company interviewing you.
With that in mind, you should consider colours your competing interviewees likely won’t wear, from a beige blazer to something more subtle like a navy blue suit jacket and a  purple dress shirt. It’s the little things that will help push you to the top of the list.

Shoes and Accessories

No matter how you choose to stand out with your suit game, your shoes should tell your potential employer that you’re grounded and professional. That’s just one of many reasons you should have a pair of oxfords for any business occasion. Plus, with the stresses of interviewing it is imperative that you are feeling your best in a comfortably snug shoe.
If you didn’t get a chance to tailor a new suit but notice your sleeves are too short, wear a watch to hide it a bit. Make sure your socks match both your pants and shoes. This is where you should stick to solids. 
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