How To Style a Hoodie

When it comes to men's outerwear, the hoodie often gets overlooked. However, it’s stood the test of time and is growing in stature and importance as a menswear item. Upstart streetwear brands and established designers alike are releasing their luxury versions of the piece. From Virgil Abloh’s Off White to Versace and Balenciaga, the hoodie is an essential part of any outfitter’s catalogue and it should definitely in every man’s closet. However, those come at exorbitant prices. If you – like most of us – are on a tighter budget, George Richards offers a stylish selection of hoodies at a much more affordable cost.

How to Wear the Hoodie 

The hoodie can be used to create several different looks, depending on how you choose to layer it. Also, let’s not forget about the hoodie’s functionality as a garment, keeping individuals warm in colder seasons.


When wearing the hoodie as part of a layered ensemble, it can be very understated. You can layer a zip-up hoodie with a crew neck T-shirt and a jacket for a crisp ensemble. This look is casual, functional, and perfect for everyday wear.
For date nights or a more seasonal look, layer your hoodie with a leather jacket on top. When rocking this look, ensure the hoodie is more fitting. This way, your outfit doesn't make you look unnecessarily bulky.
While some may think the hoodie is only appropriate for casual looks, this is not the case. Pairing a hoodie with a blazer is an eye-catching high-low combination. Similar to the leather jacket ensemble, this look works best a fitted hoodie. Try this high-low combination for business-casual days, date nights and off-site meetings for work.
Lastly, consider layering the hoodie with an unstructured suit to increase the wow factor. Achieve this look with a grey hoodie and charcoal grey suit. The matching colors help the outfit seamlessly works together.


Wearing leather or suede boots with a hoodie serves to elevate the outfit’s dressiness. People tend to say that shoes make the outfit, so keep in mind that your choice of kicks should pull your entire outfit together.
When creating your outfit, just like any other ensemble, it's essential to accessorize. Consider wearing a subtle, casual watch, make your look feel complete.
If you choose to wear jeans with your hoodie outfit, wear a darker wash of denim. Hoodies are cold-weather apparel, and darker jeans lend themselves well to colder seasons.

Hoodies on the Red Carpet

If you still think hoodies can are strictly casual outerwear, your mindset needs to change. Famous singer Frank Ocean wore a black Prada hoodie with black suit pants to the 2019 Met Gala. The next day, he was on many best-dressed lists. He looked tasteful and put-together. The Met Gala is considered to be the most prestigious fashion event, so this proves the power of the hoodie.

Canadian Big & Tall Menswear: George Richards

Revamp your fall and winter wardrobes with some hoodies from Canadian menswear retailer, George Richards. Men's outerwear is a large part of the cold seasons, so you want to ensure you have a versatile collection of looks. There is a wide selection of hoodies at George Richards, from casual to sleek options. Stay warm and fashionable these upcoming seasons by adding a few staple hoodies to your collection.
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