How to Keep My Dress Shirt From Riding Up?

When a shirt rides up or becomes untucked, it's an annoyance and even embarrassing when it's a dress or formal shirt. For the larger man, this problem can occur frequently. Why does this happen? What can you do about it? The answers to these questions aren't complicated. 

What Makes Your Dress Shirt Ride Up?

A shirt riding up often has a lot more to do with the pants than it does with the shirt itself. Loose-fitting pants or the lack of a belt can give the shirt a lot of room to move around.

In addition, people tend to adjust their pants over the course of the day, but they don't often adjust their shirts. Pulling up pants causes the shirt to ride up as well.

The material the dress shirt consists of can also cause it to ride up. Some of those softer, silkier feeling fabrics have an easier time riding up as someone moves around.

However, one of the main reasons why a dress shirt will ride up has to do with the fit. Sometimes, men will make sacrifices when it comes to dress shirt size and fit to have a shirt that appeals to them. That imperfect fit can lead to the dress shirt riding up far more frequently.

How Can You Prevent Your Dress Shirt from Riding Up?

Several solutions exist to deal with dress shirts riding up. As with the clothing itself, there's no one-size-fits-all solution for everybody. However, there are devices, techniques and tricks available to help someone keep their shirt firmly tucked.

A shirt stay will come up most often in this category. These devices are like suspenders but for shirts. Clips attach to the bottom of the shirt at one end and to the tops of socks at the other end. This can keep shirts from riding up, but some men may find them a little unwieldy to wear.

Another device comes in the form of small rubber grips that can attach to the waistband of pants. These grips provide some traction that keeps the dress shirt firmly in place. A proper belt can also work, depending on the fabric of the shirt and the fit of the pants.

Tucking the shirt properly can help to keep the shirt in place. At the very least a proper tuck can keep the shirt from riding up as frequently.

By pulling the pants up a little, it's possible to secure a tucked shirt better. A technique known as the military tuck can also help. The military tuck involves tucking in the shirt then folding excess fabric at the waist on itself horizontally.

What Is the Best Way to Keep a Dress Shirt from Riding Up?

The best way to keep a shirt tucked is to purchase dress shirts that fit properly. For larger men, the solution is to shop with a reputable big and tall large men's clothing retailer. One of the reasons why that dress shirt won't stay tucked is because it's not the proper size.

Shirts should extend to the bottom of the butt, and the overall cut of the shirt should allow for a full range of movement. When buying shirts from other types of retailers, larger men end up buying shirts and other articles of clothing not designed with their larger frames in mind.

Keeping a shirt from riding up isn't just about the dress shirt. The whole outfit must work together to support someone's comfort and style. Large men's clothing should come from a place that specializes in high quality, stylish, fashionable clothing designed specifically with a larger man in mind.

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