How To Choose The Right Swimwear For Your Body Type

As a guy, you may tend to think of swimwear as a far easier decision to make than other clothing options. We regret to inform you that finding the right fit and style for men’s swimwear is just as important as any other garment, especially if you shop in the big and tall aisles. 
Whether it’s length, color or material, here’s a few tips to ensure your swim trunks will be the best look for your body type this summer. 

Swim trunks for Tall Guys

Good news, tall guys! You generally don’t have to overthink swimwear as much as your shorter counterparts. But you probably need to think a little about what you wear, because some styles certainly look better on tall guys than others.
For instance: if your trunks cut off below the knee, chuck them out. You don’t need them. The knee is the perfect cutoff point for tall guys and swimwear. Even more importantly, avoid anything with extra pockets. Swim trunks are not cargo shorts, and nor should they be!
As far as color palettes for tall guys, they should aim for some prints on their trunks. A great combo for tall guys is print and a noticeable waistband, which breaks up the already long frame you have with some differentiation.

Swim Trunks for big guys

Bigger guys are living in the golden age of swim trunk fashion, because plus-size styles for men is actually a thing swimwear tailors take into account now. Add in a few tricks of your own and you should be ready to feel comfortable out at the beach this summer.
The first big rule is to pick shorts that cut off above the knee. Long shorts on a short, big guy will draw all the attention to your torso and away from your legs, which isn’t a great feeling. Shorter trunks, then, help strike a perfect balance between your torso and lower body that flattens out your entire profile.
Tall and big guys, however, need to stay away from shorter swim shorts. You guys have a lot of skin you’ll be showing off just because of your frame, so to strike that same balance you’ll need shorts that cut off at the knee.
For either short or tall big guys, dark colors are the way to go for your trunks with simple vertical striping to help break things up
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