Fall Colours to Wear Part Two

Fall is about cool weather, the leaves changing colour, and - of course - fashion. Fall is the perfect season to step your game up and incorporate some new colours. 

Reintroducing Our Fall Colours

Your wardrobe colours should change according to the season. Your fall wardrobe colours should include:
  • Burnt orange
  • Navy blue
  • Mustard
  • Olive green
Burnt orange: Burnt orange is a shade of dark orange that is often associated with flames and the fallen leaves. This colour got its name in 1915 and plays right into the season’s natural hues. Burnt orange complements a number of different colours, especially neutral tones and off-whites. Similar colours to burnt orange include red-orange and orange.
Navy blue: Navy blue may not be a primary choice for your autumn wardrobe, but it's a necessary colour. Although many may associate this dark colour with jeans, its versatility can’t be ignored. The colour’s characteristics can be as dramatic as they are dynamic. Navy blue is a deep, rich colour that symbolizes power and promotes relaxation.
Mustard: Mustard is a dark or dull dark yellow. This should be your go-to colour for adding elegance to your attire and striking the balance between individuality and self-expression. Mustard – like the condiment - is an acquired taste. However, it’s not so esoteric that it's impossible to complement it.
Olive green: Olive green signifies self-love, harmony, and freshness. This shade of green is a seasonal favourite and works well with different shades of brown, including tan, maroon, and beige.

Preparing Your Attire

Now that you're familiar with a few wardrobe colours that are synonymous with the season, it's time to prepare your attire. Fall colours are often interchangeable and work well together. So, when you're shopping for men's big and tall clothing, look no further than George Richards clothing. George Richards clothing is one of the foremost names in Canadian menswear. They specialize in high-quality clothing for men, including casual wear, dress wear, outerwear, and other clothing types.
Your wardrobe should bring you joy and make you feel great. It's essential that you change your wardrobe colours with the seasons to get yourself in the spirit of the new season and avoid a fashion disaster. In addition to the vibrant colours you wear during fall, you can also incorporate off-whites, creams, and ivory to create a calming balance in your attire.
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