Fall Colours to Wear Part One

Fall is the best season of the year. As the hues of the leaves change, so should your wardrobe. Every season is great one for big and tall fashion, however fall might be the very best. 
Fall brings about lower temperatures. Thus, fall calls for warmer clothes and a different colour palette. Your autumn outfits should have muted and deep colours. For example, during the fall, it is common to opt for off-white tones like cream and ivory instead of a harsher, stark pure white. Here are some of the colours to wear in fall for men:

Olive Green

Olive-green look stunning during this season. Olive green is an extremely versatile colour that plays off the colours of the season. It complements other muted tones extremely well and never looks out of place in a fall ensemble.  Visit George Richards Clothing for beautiful men's clothes to wear this fall.

Navy Blue

This colour is timeless and elegant; every man should have a navy-blue item in his wardrobe for the fall season. Navy blue and white produce a tried and true combination that never fail. Imagine a navy-blue jacket, a white pair of trousers and a striped shirt – a classy, polished fall fit.


Burgundy adds colour and sophistication to your look without going to the extreme. It can complement and boost a neutral colour or can make a statement by itself. A burgundy jacket, a white T-shirt and black pants would set you apart from any crowd. Black serves as the outfit’s neutral base. Burgundy serves as an understated dose of colour to the bright contrast the white tee provides.

Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is a neutral colour that is perfect for the fall. It can blend in colours such as nautical blue, deep purples, whites and pastel yellows. It is best applied through knitwear and outerwear. Therefore, keep your eyes on burnt orange offerings in wool or cashmere. A burnt orange sweatshirt matches works well with a pair of navy-blue jeans. This completes a casual and reserved look for those who love a splash of colour.
The fall season is the best time to show your style to the world. There are many colours that give you a stunning look, especially warm, muted and deep tones such as navy blue and burgundy. Get your fall wardrobe stock at George Richards Clothing.
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