5 Tips on How to Match Suits, Ties, and Shirts

Most men struggle with the finishing touches of their outfits. This is especially true when it comes to big & tall clothing. Paying attention to the details such as the fitting, the colour combinations, and the quality of the shirt and any undershirt creates the impression of a confident, refined, and smart man. If you are keen on dressing sharply, there are a few rules every man should learn. 

Choose the right colour combination

Dark suits, especially navy blue and grey, are the easiest to match as they blend nicely with multiple shirts and tie-colour combinations. These are the easiest and, therefore, the lowest risk combinations. When pairing a shirt with a tie, look to contrast rather than complement the colours. For example, if you are wearing a dark coloured shirt, choose a tie with a lighter shade and vice versa.

You won't go wrong if you stick to cool colour tones for your tie, such as purple, olive green, or deep blue. These are easier to match with most light-coloured shirts. If you are keen on drawing some attention, pair your dark-coloured suit to a tie with a warmer tone. For example, you might pair your navy blue suit with a red or orange tie.

Be careful when you are putting on a tie that's the same colour as the suit, such as a navy blue tie on a navy blue suit. Your outfit will look off if the tie is close to the suit's colour but not an exact match. A tie that has a completely different colour will look better.

When choosing the best tie remember to match it to the suit and shirt, rather than matching the outfit to the tie.

Look for the correct fit

The right fit is the first step towards a sharp and elegant look. If the suit you're wearing doesn't hug your body in the right places, you'll look dishevelled and sloppy no matter how well you may have coordinated the colours. For starters, get the right shoulder fit. While tailors can adjust the length and waist, they cannot adjust the shoulder divot. Your suit should have some wiggle room, but if it wiggles too much, the chances are that your suit jacket is a little too big. Also, long sleeves are rather outdated. Choose a sleeve length that exposes half an inch of the cuffs.

Choose the dress shirt wisely

The dress shirt you wear will determine the colour and pattern of the tie you will wear. This way, if you take your jacket off, a colour clash between your tie and dress shirt won't go unnoticed. A few shirt colours that are easy to match include whites, off-whites, light blues, and pastels. When selecting a shirt, ensure that the shirt and tie fabrics are distinct. Avoid colour combinations that are too monotone as they could end up washing out your complexion.

What about the patterns?

Colour is not the only concern when matching suits, shirts, and ties. Patterns should also be a key consideration in achieving your ideal look. When it comes to the patterns, play with the geometry by matching different patterns. For instance, if your shirt is checked, wear a polka-dotted tie, as this contrasts the former. Avoid wearing large patterns with other large patterns. For example, if the shirt you are wearing features large stripes, choose a tie with small stripes. If you prefer ties with bold patterns, wear them against a solid shirt.

Choose the right tie proportions

The length and width of your tie are largely influenced by the size of your body. Larger ties are suitable for people who have a bigger chest and broader shoulders. The tie should reach the belt and go no further. Choose skinny ties if you consider yourself lean. As a rule of the thumb, choose a tie that's almost the width of the lapel or around 3 inches wide - such a tie won't look too thick or overwhelm the rest of your outfit.

Always Remember

When matching your suit, dress shirt, and tie, the top three factors you should consider are the colours, tones, and patterns. Always remember to choose the right fit. With these tips, go forth and rock your suit with confidence.

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