5 Style Tips for Big & Tall Men

It is a fact of life that most of the time the fashion industry is geared towards slim, short models. But, that's not to say that big and tall men can't look stylish. Far from it, in fact, as this short guide will show you. Regardless of your build you can definitely look dapper and elegant with George Richards clothing. 

Colors & Patterns

Dark solids in navy and charcoal will work extremely well, just like with most other men. It is certainly a smart idea to dress with a more classic vibe such as with a white or dark blue shirt and a simple, yet elegant tie. If patterns are more you thing, then you should definitely incorporate them into your wardrobe, but make sure to do so in a subtle manner. Instead of wide stripes opt for a more subtle and narrow checkered pattern instead. Combine all of this with a solid black blazer and trouser combo and then you're on to a winner. Be mindful that if you choose a single breasted over double breasted suit, you will look slimmer.

Ensure That Your Collar Fits Snugly

Ideally, a man's dress shirt collar should fit tightly around his neck. It is crucial to pay attention to the fit of your shirt collar as if you have a particularly broad neck, the rest of the shirt may feel baggy. Likewise, if you have a spare tire, and a slimmer neck, you will have a collar that is way too big for you. When you buy big and tall menswear from George Richards clothing, you will be getting a shirt that fits you - whatever your size. Always go for a classic collar as tiny modern collars make your head look bigger in proportion.

Choose The Right Tie

Always go for a medium sized tie knot. If your knot is too small, then it will disappear in comparison to your head and make your face look bigger. If you go for a larger knot, then it will accentuate the fullness of your face. A medium size knot is proportional to your appearance and hence the best choice for you. As for patterns, you can't go wrong with a simple spotted design.

Go Big Or Go Home When It Comes To Accessories

Big and tall men should always flaunt larger accessories in order to keep their frame balanced. If your accessories are too skinny or small, they will more than likely look flimsy and delicate on you. Large watches, thicker glasses, wide lapels are your friend, and don't forget, the larger your accessories, the more powerful you will look.

Don't Be Afraid To Wear An Elegant Suit

To keep your look proportional and flattering you should always go for slightly larger buttons and flaps. The same is true for the distance between the buttons. If they are situated too close together, or your lapel is too long, most people will think something is off even though they can't point their finger on it.
There you have it, five tips for big and tall men to ensure that they continue looking stylish and smart.
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