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Blog George Richards Big & Tall Menswear

What to Know When Shopping for Big & tall Men's Clothing.

big & tall men's clothingUsually, when shopping for big and tall clothing it is all too likely that the majority of your options will be for big (broad) or tall men, but rarely for both. In the past, options for a man who is both tall and broad have been limited to unflattering, cloak-like shirts and jackets that are designed to drape over anyone's frame, no matter how big and tall. It's the overkill approach - by manufacturing clothes that are that big and saggy, a single size can be produced that won't be too small for anyone. But it doesn't have to be like that.

Getting The Look That You Want

Taking your measurements at home is relatively easy and can give you a good idea of what you're looking for before you begin to browse. Men that are broadly-built are generally going to want a balanced look that will make their clothing seem made for them, rather than draped on a frame that it doesn't quite fit.
"Slimming" might not be the goal for all big and tall men, although it's a word that is constantly flung around during their shopping experiences. The general rule is that clothing that looks like it's trying to hide something tends to look worse than clothing that embraces what is there and then works with it. Ensuring that details are in the right places, such as sleeves ending at the base of the wrist, and shirt pockets that are positioned right, is more important than vertical stripes, for example. In fact, big and tall men might want to be careful of how many vertical elements that they incorporate into their clothing. As too much can make them seem looming. Including modest decorative elements such as a fancy tie will help distract an individual's gaze and make the big and tall man look well-built, but not awkwardly oversized.

Making Sure Your Shirt Is Right For You

It is crucial that you buy shirts that are long enough to tuck in all the way around, but also that are fitted enough so that there isn't a big billow of cloth around your waist when you do so. A bit of looseness is good, but too much just adds to the impression of bulk and width. Dark colors such as this shirt will have more of a slimming effect than light, but any solid color really, such as this shirt, is the way to go. Always ensure that the collar of your shirt is loose enough to button without pinching, both for your comfort and to keep the shirt from looking too small. Men choosing dress shirts may want to consider French cuffs as an extra detail as the splash of color at the wrists helps define the visual boundaries of your frame.