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How to Style Suits with Glasses

For men who wear glasses or sunglasses, figuring out how to match then with their clothing can seem like a daunting task. This is especially true for larger men who may already have trouble finding big and tall clothing. Don't worry. Styling suits with glasses isn't difficult for those who pay attention to these tips.

Choose the Right Glasses

For those who must wear glasses or those who choose to, picking the right pair goes a long way when it comes to style and fashion. Many people only have one or two sets, so they need to choose a pair that won't clash with anything they may wear:

  • Glasses should contrast with the face
  • The size should stay proportional to the face
  • Frame colours should complement or contrast with eye, hair, and skin colour

Generally, glasses that work with someone's face will work with their suit. This is because the right pair will represent just another facial feature, rather than something that stands out.

Of course, some may want to go for bolder contrasts specifically to make a statement. In such cases, the suit this person wears will need to play the background in favour of the glasses.

Still, most men will want the opposite scenario. Bigger men who find high-quality large men's clothing that looks sharp will want people to take notice.

Wear Glasses with Confidence

No matter what style of glasses or sunglasses you wear with your suit, you have to wear them with confidence. Owning the look is a large part of styling.

Some men may find themselves stuck with a single pair of glasses and no option but to wear those, despite what kind of clothing they wear with them. Confidence pulls an outfit together.

Having confidence in their looks is a challenge larger men often face. This is especially true of men who have yet to discover quality big and tall clothing.

It can help to remember that glasses, when worn confidently, help make men look smarter and more professional. Men should take advantage of this gift. Not only will that ownership of their look help them in practically any scenario, but it will also help them to wear their suits with more panache.

Make Glasses or Sunglasses an Accessory

Accessorizing with large men's clothing can mean adding:

Glasses and shades can also become an accessory. Men don't always have a huge pick when it comes to glasses, but they have many options when choosing sunglasses.

In either case, men should choose sunglasses that match or contrast with a particular aspect of their suits, such as their jacket, shirt, or tie. Once again, choosing frames to fit the face goes a long way.

For men who want to stay safe with their choice, matching the suit with simple frames or lighter tints will serve most style purposes. Also, glasses can work as an accessory even if they're not on the face.

Tastefully hanging Look at them from the breast pocket of a shirt or blazer can also look good. For men who hang their glasses in this way, it's important to make sure they're secure.

Consider Trying Different Things

Style is often something that develops over time. Men may need to try out a few different looks to see what works for them. Picking up a few different pairs of glasses or starting a collection can help men have a variety of choices over time.

Understand that glasses don't make or break suits. Larger men should put a greater focus on finding stylish dress wear that fits well and look good.

At George Richards, we have big and tall clothing from quality brands that will look good no matter what type of glasses someone chooses to wear. Shop with us to find the fashionable attire that will fit you and whatever choice of eyewear you choose.